How To Download YouTube Videos On iPad?

Watching videos via YouTube has now become its own form of entertainment. But of course to watch videos on YouTube requires no less internet quota. Not to mention if you are traveling to a place with internet coverage that is not yet optimal. One easy way to continue to enjoy videos on YouTube is to download them.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad?
How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad?

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad?

Many YouTube video download applications are available. Even the YouTube application for Android and iOS also has a download feature, but not all videos can be downloaded for free.

One popular application for downloading YouTube videos on ipad is TubeMate. Curious how to use it? Consider the following tips first.

1. Allow Installation of ‘Foreign’

Applications The TubeMate application is not available on the Google Play Store because Google is not happy with a third party application for downloading YouTube videos.

Downloading videos from YouTube itself is not illegal as long as you don’t use the video for commercial reasons or distribute it. But this action does violate Google’s terms and conditions.

Before downloading the TubeMate application, make sure you have given permission to install the foreign application that you downloaded outside of the Play Store. Be careful when you activate this feature because you have to make sure the desired application is safe and reliable.

The way to give this installation permission is to enter the Settings application then select Security. Scroll down until you find the ‘Unknown sources’ or ‘Install unknown apps’ options depending on your smartphone, after that click the toggle until it’s active.

2. Download and Install TubeMate

Use the browser on your Android smartphone or tablet to download the latest TubeMate APK on Select one of the available download links. Click the link from the verified site and download the TubeMate APK.

You might see a warning about downloading APK files. Just click OK to allow it. After downloading, click Install and wait for the installation process to complete.

3. Select the Video You Want to Download

Open the TubeMate application that has been installed and you will see the TubeMate display looks like a YouTube application for Android. At the top of the application you will see a magnifying glass icon that you can use to search for specific YouTube videos.

4. Download Videos

After selecting the desired YouTube video on TubeMate, open and play the video. Later you will see a red ‘Download’ button on the bottom right.

Click the red button and you will see a list of various different audio formats and video quality. Choose the format and quality that you feel is most suitable, then click the ‘Download’ button again.

Your video will be downloaded in the background and you can use your smartphone as usual. You can also put the video in the queue to download later. This is useful if you don’t want to use an internet quota and wait for a Wi-Fi connection.

It’s easy to download YouTube videos using the TubeMate application?

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