How To Do An Electrocardiogram With Apple Watch

Version 13.6 of iOS, the system for iPhones, released the feature to make an electrocardiogram with Apple Watch. Check out how to do it! Cellphones and other smart devices have become great allies for those looking to stay healthy and an efficient way to monitor health.

How to Do an Electrocardiogram with Apple Watch

In turn, one of the most used smart watches, the Apple Watch, has gained the ability for you to perform an electrocardiogram in conjunction with the iPhone, which is an exam to record information about your heart rate and the intensity of the electrical pulses they make the heart beat.

This novelty is especially useful in these quarantine times, since with it, you can send important information about your heart to a cardiologist, even from a distance. Next, here’s how to do an electrocardiogram with Apple Watch.

Requirements and tips

Before attempting to perform the procedure described below, it is good to check the requirements to perform it. Check out:

  • Have an Apple Watch Series 4 or higher and with WatchOS updated to its latest version (6.2.8 or higher);
  • iPhone with the latest version of iOS (13.6 or higher);
  • The ECG app is intended for people over 22 years old.

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, there are also a number of tips to make your result more accurate. Are they:

  • At the time of the electrocardiogram, leave your arms relaxed on a table or in your lap and try not to move too much;
  • Before starting the test, make sure your Apple Watch is secure and that its back is touching your wrist;
  • Make sure your Apple Watch is clean and dry when testing;
  • Stay away from any electronics plugged into an outlet at the time of testing to avoid electrical interference.

How to set up the ECG app

To perform the electrocardiogram on the iPhone, the “Saúde” application is used. See the step by step:

1. Make sure that iOS is updated to the latest version (13.6 or higher);

2. Open the “Health” application and follow the step by step to configure the application or, if this does not happen, go to “Explore> Heart”. Then, tap on “Electrocardiograms (ECG)> Configure ECG app”;

3. Close the health application.

How to do an electrocardiogram with Apple Watch

After performing the above procedure, the application to perform the electrocardiogram should already be ready to work on your iPhone. So, follow this step by step to use it:

1. Put the Apple Watch on the wrist that was configured in your application;

2. Now, on the Apple Watch, open the ECG app;

3. Leave your arms on a table or in your lap;

4. Place a finger of the other hand on the Digital Crown;

5. Wait 30 seconds for registration to take place. Then, you can add symptoms experienced during the test;

6. Touch “Save” and “Ok” to finish the electrocardiogram.

After having performed the electrocardiogram, you will be able to access your report within the “Health” application. To do this, just go to “Explore> Heart> Electrocardiograms” inside it. By touching the graph of the report, you also have the possibility to export it to a file in PDF format.

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