EventBot: Next Generation Android Malware

The world of malware continues to appear in different ways every day. Security researchers made statements about the newly discovered EventBot banking malware.

Next Generation Android Malware: EventBot
Next Generation Android Malware: EventBot

Next Generation Android Malware: EventBot

With the introduction of smartphones into our lives, malware has started to appear in different ways. Security researchers working at Cybereason company have discovered malware with full authority in theAndroidoperating system.

EventBot, which deletes from the system after accessing the two-factor verification messages received on the Android device, is prepared in such a way that users do not doubt anything.

Security expertAssaf Dahan, ”EventBot was created by spending a lot of overtime. This malware we discoveredin March isconstantly updated and renewed. ” used expressions.

Stating that they have not found any similar professionally harmful software, Dahan said, “Malicious software is usually a copied version of certain projects. This malware seems to have been written from scratch. ” said.

EventBot behaves like the applications that have authority in the Android root directory to give full access to the device. Once installed, it can leak data from200 banking and crypto wallet applicationsas well as financial applications such asPayPal, Coinbase, CapitalOne.

The officials said that they have not found any event related to EventBot in the Android app store for now, so the speed of spread will be slow for now.

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