Wasteland 3 | Review And Gameplay

Wasteland 3 is the new RPG made by Brian Fargo: here’s our review and gameplay. After the success of the 90s and the early years of the new millennium, role-playing games have slowly been put aside to make way for new fashions loved above all by the youngest. There has been a flourishing of online shooters and multiplayer that have taken over, meeting more and more player demands.

Wasteland 3 | Review and Gameplay
Wasteland 3 | Review and Gameplay

But RPGs have never completely disappeared, there always has been and always will be a rather large niche of fans who will continue to play this type of title. And this is why titles such as Wasteland 3 continue to be made, a game directly supported by Microsoft which has entrusted its development to designer Brian Fargo.

The game follows the dynamics of the previous chapter and those typical of role-playing games. Fans of the genre will not find it very difficult to adapt to Wasteland 3, but we must start with the conviction that it is not a simple title.

Wasteland 3 | Review and Gameplay

Wasteland 3 puts a strain on the patience of any gamer: completing even the simplest missions will be far from obvious and thinking that defeating enemies is child’s play is a big mistake. Every single decision made within a fight or a mission must be thought out in detail, otherwise the opponents will have an easy life.

And as in all role-playing games, the creation of a balanced team, able at any time to adapt to different needs really makes the difference between victory and defeat. Here is our review of Wasteland 3.

Discovering Colorado

For Wasteland 3 Brian Fargo has decided to completely change the setting: we have gone from the heat of Arizona to the frozen moors of Colorado. The Rangers, after saving Arizona in the second chapter of the videogame, are called to bring their services to Colorado.

To request the intervention is the Patriarch who has controlled Colorado for several years, but who is now in difficulty, attacked by various enemy factions that control small areas of territory. And it is during the journey from Arizona to Colorado that the Rangers are attacked by a group of enemies and the troop is decimated.

We will also be among the few survivors (for the first time, in Westeland 3 we will have to create two characters to control and not just one) and after accepting the official assignment from the Patriarch, our adventure to save Colorado will start.

But the mission will not be so simple: the setting is full of hostile and radioactive landscapes and until we manage to upgrade Kodiak, a tracked vehicle capable of resisting everything and everyone, it will be difficult to be able to explore all areas.

The gameplay of Wasteland 3

Those used to battle royale will find the gameplay of Wasteland 3 rather boring, but RPG purists will love it. Wasteland 3 is the perfect example of how an RPG should be done: a lot of teamwork, a very refined combat system and a lot of diplomacy that allows you to avoid unnecessary and bloody clashes.

In total, the characters of Wasteland 3 are seven: five rangers and two chosen at random from the NPCs that are found while exploring the map.

Characters who can change according to the situation in order to have a team that is always balanced and able to overcome any difficulty. As mentioned, the difficulty level is quite high and being able to cope even in the face of the greatest adversity is necessary to move forward.

The Wasteland 3 Combat System

One of the most important changes compared to Wasteland 2 is the combat system. In the new game, the system is based on two unique rounds in which the best decisions can be made based on the evolution of the game. In this way, the fights are much more elaborate than in the past and also allow you to have more fun.

The only negative note, if we want to define it that way, is the greater difficulty of the video game. Completing a mission that apparently seems easy is really complicated.

And even selecting the lowest difficulty levels, you will in most cases find yourself having to start over and change your approach to combat. Being able to become a good player is complicated, but at the same time it brings great satisfaction.

The art of diplomacy

The game is very structured and has many side missions that you have to face if you want to discover new characters that prove to be very useful in various situations.

Missions in which it is not always necessary to use weapons to carry them out: in many cases, it is enough to know how to use the right words to make friends who can help us.

The only drawback is the language: the game is completely in English and you have to know it well enough to be able to win the dialectical challenges.

Graphic and audio compartment

The use of the Unity graphics engine has made Wasteland 3 big steps in terms of technical details, despite the presence of some annoying bugs and textures that in some cases are not really made to perfection.

The change of setting, from Arizona to Colorado, from desert moors to glaciers, has also allowed the game to “rejuvenate” and offer something new to fans of the series. The audio sector is also quite pleasant and allows you to get even more into the game, especially in the highlights of the battles.

Final judgment on Wasteland 3

If you are a lover of role-playing games, you cannot fail to buy Wasteland 3, one of the titles that best represents this genre. The new chapter also introduces a new combat system that makes the title even more captivating.

Furthermore, to complete the main campaign and all the secondary missions you need to invest at least forty hours, a rather long duration for a game of this type.

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