How To Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Error Failed To Start

Tencent Gaming Buddy, the PUBG Mobile game developer, understands the needs of gamers who want to play PUBG Mobile but the Android device is not powerful enough to be used. Players can easily play PUBG Mobile using the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.

How to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Error Failed to Start
How to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Error Failed to Start

In addition, the emulator provides advantages in terms of control and speed of play, in terms of control you can use the keyboard and mouse freely.

However, the emulator does not always run smoothly, there are certainly obstacles or errors which appears when we want to play PUBG Mobile via the emulator. There are many types of errors that occur when we open PUBG Mobile, these types of errors are divided into several error messages like the following:

  • Failed to start the emulator. The emulator was not Properly closed
  • Error code 1, error code 3
  • Tencent Buddy not working
  • Network login error failed / error
  • Stuck on the loading screen
  • Failed to initialize rendering engine

Overcoming the Tencent Gaming Buddy “Failed to start the emulator”

The tutorial below might also work with some of the error messages above besides Failed to start the emulator. Because the Failed to start the emulator error message is most or often experienced by PUBG Mobile players, AyGek will provide a solution to overcome the Tencent Gaming Emulator Budyy Error Failed to start the emulator.

1. Restart the PC

You need to try this one first before trying several other methods. Your PC could be experiencing stuck or a bug so that the process of opening the Tencent emulator is interrupted. In this case, you need to restart the PC / laptop that you use to open the emulator so that the PC is clean again in a ready-made state.

2. Make sure the internet connection is stable

Internet disruption or error also hinders the process of opening the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator. Make sure beforehand that your internet connection is smooth, how to check it, follow the tutorial in the article How to Check Internet Speed ​​accurately on PC / Laptop and Android easily and quickly.

If there are problems with the internet connection, you can try to restart the router that you use to access the internet.

3. Use the Process Hacker application

There is one reason that the emulator fails to load when first opened because there is a process from the emulator application that is still running in the background named aow_exe.exe. How to close or close the process cannot be done manually but requires the help of a tool called Process Hacker.

Process Hacker is an application that looks like a task manager in Windows, but has more complete features and closes applications that can’t be closed with ordinary task managers.

How to operate Process Hacker to close the aow_exe.exe process:

  1. Install as usual the Process Hacker application that has been downloaded.
  2. Open the application, then type aow in the search field, aow_exe.exe process will appear in the search results.
  3. Right-click on aow_exe.exe then click terminate.

4. Reinstall Emulator and PUBG Mobile

This method can be the last alternative if the three methods above do not work well. You can reinstall Tencent Gaming Buddy along with PUBG mobile by running the uninstaller or through the Control Panel.

After reinstalling the files in Tencent Gaming Buddy & PUBG Mobile, we can be sure that they can be clean and free of corrupt files , so they can run properly. But keep in mind, when downloading again need a stable internet connection to avoid download failure.

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The final word

That’s the way to overcome the Tencent gaming buddy failed to start the emulator so you can open the emulator and play PUBG Mobile normally again.

Hopefully, the above tutorial can be useful for all of you who experience errors when opening the Tencent gaming buddy emulator.

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