6 Fun Features You Don’t Know About Snapchat

There are many ways to chat, play, and engage friends on Snapchat. The team at Snap has always had innovations to help Snapchatters start conversations, stay connected, and make sharing more fun.

6 Fun Features You Don't Know About Snapchat
6 Fun Features You Don’t Know About Snapchat

From Augmented Reality Lenses to Snap Games to Scans, Snapchat makes it easier and more fun to communicate quickly.

6 Fun Features You Don’t Know About Snapchat

Lens Snapchat

In addition to AR, which can change your appearance, Snapchat also offers various ways to combine reality, rearrange the world around you, and bring characters to life.

You can turn your environment into an ocean and get close to some dinosaurs with World Lenses, level up the uniqueness of the video with Full Body Lens, and use cute and adorable Pet Lenses to make pets.

Cameo Stickers for Stories and Photos

Cameo Stickers is a new and fun way to express yourself in chats with your closest friends. There are hundreds of cute and expressive sticker loops, which you can add to any Snap or Story you create.

When you feel happy, in love, upset, or just want to add a Snap, you can express what you’re feeling in a more authentic, real-world self-like way.

Here’s how to use Cameo Stickers:

  • Take a Snap
  • Tap the Sticker Picker box button to the right of the Toolbar in the preview
  • Navigate to the newest Cameos Stickers tab
  • Choose a Sticker that matches the mood, and start Snapping!
  • Don’t have a Cameo selfie yet? Navigate to the Cameos Stickers Tab and tap “Create My Cameo.”

Scan What You Want To Know

With over 1 million AR Lenses on the Snapchat platform, users need a simple and intuitive way to find the best Lenses, depending on where they are and what they are doing.

From finding fun Lenses that express your mood perfectly to finding out what song is playing, shopping for a product, or even learning how to solve math problems, cameras on Snapchat can express themselves and learn about the world.

Thanks to a growing network of partnerships, Snapchat cameras are getting smarter. Snapchat has partnered with PlantSnap. Plant Snap has developed the ability to identify 90% of all known plants and trees, with more than 600,000 species in their database.

So when you see a plant that would look great in a living room, you can use the camera to learn its name, its origin, and even how to care for it.

How to use:

  • Open Snapchat and point the camera at the item you want to scan
  • Tap on the screen and hold
  • The snap will scan and an information pop up will appear
  • Or, press and hold the camera screen to open the feature

Change Bitmoji and Twins with Friends

Users can now mix and match clothes on Bitmoji with brands on Snapchat. This social media app provides a wide selection of clothing, including well-known brands such as Air Jordan and Ralph Lauren, where users can dress up their avatars and express their personal style.

Not only that, but users can also match their clothes with their friends all over the world! Just Scan the barcode, and your Bitmoji will be amazingly cool.

Snap Games

Snapchat presents various types of games, such as Color Galaxy, Ready Chef Go !, Snake Squad, Ready Set Golf, Bumped Out, Bitmoji Party, and many more, where users can challenge their friends to take part in exciting competitions that can be played. together at the same or different times.

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