How to Get Face Filters from Different Countries

Recently seen on social media spread filters to change face to different races or countries?Well, are you also interested in trying it ??

The more here the use of filters is becoming more and more popular. Starting from the Snapchat application and today it is starting to be widely used or even created byfiltercreatorson Instagram and Tiktok in various parts of the world.

How to Get Face Filters from Different Countries
How to Get Face Filters from Different Countries

How to Get Face Filters from Different Countries

We can use various filters to make photos orstoriesto make them look interesting, or just have fun. So, lately the media universe is busy with face filters from various countries. Do you know what face filters are from various countries?

Face Filters

These face filters from various countries are camera effects that can make your face switch from the race of a country. Maybe many of us are quite curious about this onefilter. We are curious about what our face or appearance would be if we were born in another race.


Unlike in general, we often encounter viral filters coming from Instagram and TikTok. This time it was different, the face filters from various countries actually came from Telegram. The race changer telegram filter can change you to the race of Asian, European, Indian and African countries.

Filter Bot

We can use these filters through thebotfeature in Telegram. So thisbotis a robot that functions to run certain commands according to thetaskthat has been created. To be able to get this face changerbotyou can immediately add the pix2mixbot.

How to Get Face Filters

1. Make sure you all have the Telegram application. Can telegram mod or regular versions. If you have gone to the search menu then type or search for @ pix2mixv2bot. After that enter and tap the Start menu.

2. You can directly add a photo via the attachment, then select your race or country, 4 countries are available. Then select the next menu, namelyfilter strength.

3.Tap the download iconto see the results. To save it to the gallery you can immediately open the photo thentap the3 dots on the right to bring up another menu thentapSave to gallery. You can repeat the method for up to 3 other races.

4. To make a collage you can use the PicsArt application thentaptheGrid menu. The next step is to enter 4 different photos of the face.

5. Select a suitablelayoutor gridtemplatethentap thearrowiconandtap the download iconto save it to the gallery.


So with the filters in Telegram above or Pix2mix, maybe it can reduce your curiosity a little if you were born in another country or race. Good luck and don’t forget to share the tips so that others also know.

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