Groza vs AUG A3 | Which AR is Best in PUBG Mobile?

Groza and AUG A3 are two AR that can only be obtained from the airdrop in PUBG Mobile. Both are also the most powerful AR. But which one is better? The following is an explanation between Groza and AUG A3.

Groza vs AUG A3 PUBG Mobile

The AUG A3 is the most powerful 5.56mm AR, while Groza is the best 7.62mm AR and both are in the airdrop only. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages between AUG and Groza in PUBG Mobile.


Groza has damage of 49 per shot. Players can explore Dacia in 6.24 seconds and 42 bullets. AUG’s damage is slightly lower because it uses 5.56mm ammunition, with a lower penetration rate than 7.62mm ammunition. Players need 49 bullets to explore Dacia in 8.26 seconds with the default ammo clip.

Rate of Fire

Both of these weapons have a high rate of fire. But Groza still wins with a higher firing rate at 750 bullets/minute, while AUG 700 bullets/minute. Therefore, Groza is more powerful than the AUG A3.

However, the AUG has a higher initial bullet speed of 940m / s, while Groza is only 715m / s. Therefore, the drop rate of AUG bullets is lower with higher accuracy.

Reload Duration

Both ARs have the same ammunition capacity, which is 30 bullets per load without mag and 40 bullets per load with additional mag. However, Groza has a faster reload duration of three seconds, while AUG has a reload duration of three seconds longer. This makes the time to kill and clutches faster when using Groza.


Like other 7.62mm AR, Groza has good recoil. Meanwhile, AUG is more stable and reliable, even players can shoot while running. In addition, players can install a compensator to reduce the recoil of weapons and make this AR more stable. However, Groza is only a support suppressor. Players can only use skill and experience to control Groza to shoot accurately.

Between Groza and AUG A3 have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Groza has high damage, but it’s hard to control. Meanwhile, AUG A3 has lower damage but is easy to control. Even so, both of them are the best AR in this game. Which AR is your favorite ?.

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