5 Mandatory Accessories For Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a widely played game all over the world.  We need some mandatory accessories for playing PUBG Mobile. Here are 5 mandatory accessories for playing PUBG Mobile.

5 Mandatory Accessories for Playing PUBG Mobile
5 Mandatory Accessories for Playing PUBG Mobile

5 Mandatory Accessories for Playing PUBG Mobile

1. Mobile joystick

Mobile joystick
Mobile joystick

This accessory is useful to help the movement of your character when playing (especially when attacked by enemies) like analog in the joystick, because your thumb is more responsive.

In addition, when the duration of your play is long, usually the smartphone screen will become hot. So that the thumb does not hurt or even hurt, just use this accessory.

2. Gaming Trigger / Button Trigger

As the name suggests, this accessory can make it easier for you to call or press the attack or aim button when playing PUBG Mobile. You do not need to press the button on the screen, which has the potential to make you press the wrong button, but on the trigger that is next to the smartphone, like the L1 / 2 or R1 / 2 button on the Play Station joystick.

3. Gaming USB Cable

Gaming USB Cable
Gaming USB Cable

Basically, this accessory is like an ordinary charger cable. However, the port head is L.

4. Mobile Phone Grip

If this accessory helps you hold the cellphone while playing like holding a console joystick. Besides hands can be more relaxed, some mobile phone grips also provide a default joystick. Generally, this accessory gamepad can be adjusted in size according to the type of your cellphone.

5. Wireless Earphones / headphones

After being visually spoiled, don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in the best PUBG Mobile playing experience using your favorite earphones or headphones.

In addition, there are times when listening to audio carefully from PUBG Mobile can also help you win a match, from listening to communication with friends to the environment in the game.

Although it does not matter if you choose earphones or wired headphones, but if you use wireless, your space during play will not be disturbed by the cable sticking out.

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