How To Change Your Instagram Username Easily

Change Your Instagram Username: Instagram is a social media application that allows users to share photos or videos with each other. To have an Instagram account, we are required to create a username when registering for the first time. Why does it have to be a username? Why not just use the name?

How to Change Your Instagram Username Easily
How to Change Your Instagram Username Easily

If you only use the name, Instagram will have difficulty creating your account. Because the name of someone in this world is not just one right? Well, so Instagram uses a username. Username is a unique name that must be owned by Instagram users.

Every person in this world must have a different username – no one will have the same username. Maybe the profile name can be the same but not for the username. The Instagram username is different from the Twitter username, where the Twitter username uses an additional “@”, not for Instagram. The Instagram username can only combine letters, numbers, and symbols, for example, likeme10,candidate1,05, and so on.

How to change your Instagram username

Usually, someone creates an Instagram username using a name that is unique and easy to remember. This is done so that people or our friends are easy to find and remember our username. But, maybe we have erroneously or accidentally replaced it with a name that is funny or difficult to remember.

So maybe when we get acquainted and our friends ask for an Instagram username it will be difficult to tell. Or when going to apply for a job and our Instagram username is unprofessional, the company might think twice about accepting us.

Then, what’s the solution? Can the Instagram username be changed? You can. Just follow the steps – steps on how to change the Instagram username below.

1. First, please open theInstagramapplication on your mobile device.

2. Then, please click on the profile in the lower right corner.

3. Then, please click on Edit Profile to edit your Instagram profile.

4. Then, please click on the Username column. The column displays the name of the active user and can later be used to change the username.

5. Well, then please change your username to your liking. But keep in mind, you will not be able to return a username with the same name for 14 days. You can see that information under the username column.

6. Then, if you have finished changing your username, please click the blue checklist icon in your top right corner.

7. Now, you can see that your username has changed. In addition to the username, you can also change your name, website and bio. If you are sure, please click on the blue checklist icon in your top right corner.

8. Done. Now that your Instagram username has been successfully changed, you can see it in your top left corner.


So, how? The way is very easy right? Besides you can change your Instagram username, you can also change your name, website, and bio. Oh yes, you have to remember if you want to change your Instagram username to the initial username, you have to wait for 14 days. So, make sure your Instagram username isn’t weird.

This tutorial is all about changing the Instagram username very easily. Hopefully, this tutorial can be useful.

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