How To Delete Trend Searches On Google

Nowadays, using a search engine to find answers to your questions is almost a must: these services, in fact, are able to “answer” to almost all the questions asked by users, directing them to relevant websites and full of useful information.

How to Delete Trend Searches on Google
How to Delete Trend Searches on Google

For some time, however, consider the automatic suggestions of search engines a nuisance, or better, a potential risk to your privacy, and therefore you are wondering how to delete a trend search made through the browser, so as not to do it again appear among the search suggestions.

Intent on finding an answer to your question, you have therefore opened Google (just to stay on the subject!) And you’ve come right here, on my website. Things are just this way, am I right? Then know that you are in the right place, at the right time: in fact, in the following, I will show you how to delete the searches made through the browser, disabling, where possible, also the suggestions sent by the search engine.

Getting this result is not difficult at all, I guarantee it. If you give me a few minutes of your time, I will show you that you do not need special skills or technical knowledge, but only a small “smattering” of the right tools to use: I am sure that, at the end of reading this guide, you will be able to reach the goal you set yourself, in four and four. Good reading and good work!

How to delete trend searches on Google

If you are reading this guide to understand how to delete a trend search you have made through the Google search engine, then know that you are in the right section of this tutorial: in fact, below, I will explain how to get the result you want, be it from computer, which from browser for Android and iOS / iPadOS. Trust me, it’s really a lot simpler than you can imagine!


If you are using the computer and wish to delete a trend search made through the Google website , connected to it and click on the text field in the center, in order to view the entire chronology of the searches carried out. To cancel a specific search, click on the Remove entry , placed in its correspondence.

If you think it appropriate, you can cancel the searches made through Google in one go, eliminating the automatic compilation data and the cookies saved in the browser that you usually use: in general, what you need to do is press the key combination Ctrl / cmd + Shift + Delete and, after specifying your intention to delete the form data, press the Delete button to confirm your willingness to proceed.

For more precise information on the subject, I refer you to reading my tutorial on how to delete browsing data from the browser.

Furthermore, on Safari for Mac , you can make the suggestions for trendy searches not appear at all: to be able to do so, start the browser in question, click on the Safari menu > Preferences (top left) and, later, Go to the Search tab . Finally, remove the check mark from the Include search engine suggestions and Include Safari suggestions checkboxes . Happy?

If, on the other hand, you are interested in deleting the searches made through your Google account (and, consequently, from all the devices through which you use it), connected to this website and, after logging in with your Gmail account , if necessary, identify the search of your interest from the proposed list.

When you have found it, click on the button (⋮) corresponding to it and choose the item Delete from the menu displayed on the screen. If you want to completely delete the entire search activity, click instead on the button (⋮) located to the right of the Search bar in your activity , choose the Delete activity option from the proposed menu and, after selecting the time interval for the which to delete the searches ( Last hour , Last day , From the beginning or Custom interval ), click on the button Delete, to confirm the willingness to proceed and no longer display suggestions based on past research.

If you are interested in deleting the search data automatically, at regular intervals of 3 or 18 months , always from the same panel, select the item Set automatic deletion and, having made your choice, click on the Next and OK buttons .


The steps to be taken to delete the trend searches made through Google on Android are not very different from what we saw earlier: after connecting to the home page of the service , you tap on the bar in the center of the page to view the searches carried out recently and, after identifying the one you wish to delete, press on the X placed in its correspondence and confirm the will to proceed, by tapping on the Delete button .

Alternatively, if you are interested in deleting all the searches made through Google Chrome for Android in one shot, you can inhibit the display of the automatic browser suggestions: to be able to do so, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right and touch the Settings item located in the menu that appears.

Now, tap on the items Privacy and Clear browsing data and, after selecting the time interval for which to delete the information, make sure to put the check mark next to the item Cookies and site data and press the Clear data button , to proceed. For more information on the steps just described, you can refer to my guide on how to clear Google Chrome’s history .

If, on the other hand, you think it is advisable to delete all the searches made through your Google account, you can follow the information I gave you in the paragraph dedicated to the computer : the steps to be taken are almost identical.

iOS / iPadOS

If you use an iPhone or an iPad , know that you can easily delete the searches made through Google, also deactivating the suggestions related to the trend ones, in a very simple way.

To delete one or more made on Google via iOS or iPadOS , first start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg Safari) and, after connecting to the Google homepage , tap on the search bar located at center of the page to view the latest research carried out. Once you find the one you want to delete, tap the X in its correspondence and then the Delete button .

To cancel, on the other hand, all the searches carried out on Google made via Safari, went into the settings of the operating system, by pressing the gear- shaped button located on the Home screen, you tap on the Safari and Delete websites and chronology entries and, later , tap the entry Clear data and history , to confirm the will to proceed.

If, instead, you want to prevent Safari from showing tips related to the research trend (and not), always from the panel Settings> Safari , moves to OFF levers corresponding to the entries Tips search and suggestions Safari .

Finally, you can delete your search activity from the entire Google account (and therefore from all devices synchronized with it) also via iOS / iPadOS, following the same steps shown in the computer section .

How to delete trend searches on Android

Most Android terminals , as you certainly know, integrate Google Assistant , the artificial intelligence system developed by “Big G” and designed to perform various types of operations, including searches, using only the voice.

Google Assistant, by default, “stores” information related to searches (and all other operations) made over time, so as to offer the user suggestions about the most recent actions.

However, if you wish, you can make Android “forget” the Assistant activity (including, of course, trend searches) carried out in a given period of time: to do so, start the Google app placed in the drawer of the device, you tap on the item Other (bottom right) and choose the Settings option from the menu that is proposed to you.

Next, you tap on the Google Assistant item , then on the option Your assistant’s data and, later, on the assistant’s Activity button , in order to open the Google Assistant management page within a browser screen of system.

Now, if you are interested in just deleting a specific search (or activity), individualize in the proposed list, tap the corresponding button (⋮) , tap the Delete item in the menu that is proposed to you and, to conclude, tap on the Delete button . To cancel the Assistant activity carried out on a specific day, you must instead touch the icon in the shape of a basket corresponding to the day chosen.

Finally, if you are interested in deleting all the Google Assistant activity (including trend searches and related suggestions), tap the button (⋮) located in the Search in your activity text field (located at the top), select the item Delete activity for from the menu displayed on the screen, choose the time period on which to act (in this case, from the beginning ) and, finally, tap the Delete button , located at the bottom.

If you wish, you can have Google automatically delete Assistant searches and suggestions based on your activities, at regular intervals of 3 months or 18 months : to be able to do so, tap the button (⋮) located in the Search text area again in your activity , select the entry Keep activity for , located in the panel displayed on the screen, then put a check mark next to your choice and press the Next and Confirm buttons , to conclude.

Note : unfortunately, it is not possible to completely disable the display of Assistant suggestions, at least not without losing access to almost all of the voice assistant’s functions. If, nevertheless, you want to disable the display of Google suggestions for all the devices linked to your account, connected to this Web page , move the lever corresponding to the item Web Activities and App to OFF and, to confirm the will to proceed, presses the Suspend button displayed on the next screen.

How to delete trend searches on the iPhone

How do you say? Would you like to make sure that the trend searches you have made through the Siri voice assistant no longer appear among the iPhone suggestions ? All right, all you have to do is ask.

To do this, go to the settings of the “iPhone by”, touching the gear- shaped button located on the home screen of the device, tap on the item Siri and Search and then tap on the History of Siri and Dictation option . Finally, tap the button Delete Siri and Dictation history and confirm the will to proceed by pressing the Delete button .

If you think it appropriate, you can make Siri’s (and trendy search’s) suggestions no longer appear in the Safari search area, in Spotlight or in the lock screen: to do so, always from the Siri section and Search of iOS settings, move the Spotlight , Search, or screen lock levers to OFF .

Finally, to deactivate the specific suggestions of Siri in a specific app, tap on the name of the app you are interested in and move the Siri Show tips lever to OFF . Easy, isn’t it?

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