How To Easily Repost Instagram Stories

Repost Instagram Stories: Instagram is a social media application that is most loved by the public especially millennial young people. Now Instagram has become one of the full-featured photo social networks. We all know, initially, Instagram allowed its users to be able to upload photos with attractive filters.

how to Easily Repost Instagram Stories
how to Easily Repost Instagram Stories

Over time, Instagram, which is now part of Facebook, has a variety of interesting features, ranging from multiple photos to include lots of photos, videos, Instagram Story to tell up to 1 minute in the form of videos or photos, to Video Calls between users.

Interestingly, Instagram has now released a feature called Instagram story repost, or better known as InstaStory, which allows users to put stories of friends or other users on their own stories.

However, to enjoy this feature, we must have updated it to be able to enjoy this feature. If not, then we can directly visit thePlay StoreorApp Storeto update. In addition, other users or friends on Instagram must mention our username if they want to try this Instagram Repost Story feature. Then, how do I repost the Instagram story?

How to Repost Instagram Stories

Well, this time I will share about how to repost friends’ Instagram stories very easily. how do? Just follow the steps below.

1. Make sure you have chosen Instagram.

2. First, make sure your friend has marked your Instagram account on his Instagram story. If it has tagged you, it will enter a notification to yourDirect Message. Please open your InstagramDirect Message.

3. Then, you will see your friend who has tagged you on his instagram story. Please open the message. Like in the picture below.

4. Then, please click“Add this to your story”to add the story to your Instagram story. Like in the picture below.

5. Then, after that you will enter the Instagram Story editing menu. You can adjust the size bydouble tap and move it according to your wishes. And you can also see the name of your friend’s Instagram account will appear and with you repost the Instagram story, then your story will tag your friends.

Like in the picture below. If you’ve finished editing, just click theYour Story icon in the lower left corner to continue reposting your friends’ Instagram stories.

6. Done. You have successfully reposted your friend’s Instagram story. Your friends can also see your friend’s Instagram story by clicking on your story.

So, how? The method is quite easy and very simple right? Now we can repost our friends’ Instagram stories very easily. So, we don’t need to download or do a screenshot on our friend’s Instagram story and then post it.

Now we can immediately post it without having to save photos or video Instagram stories of our friends. But, make sure your friends have tagged you on their Instagram stories. Because if we are not tagged, we cannot repost the Instagram story.

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