How To Get Candy On Pokémon GO

Check out all possible ways to get candy on Pokémon GO to strengthen and evolve your little monsters. Pokemon GO uses its own candy system to strengthen its little monsters and evolve them into new, more powerful forms. The procedure works differently from the traditional experience system of other games in the series.

How to Get Candy on Pokémon GO
How to Get Candy on Pokémon GO

How to Get Candy on Pokémon GO

The player can obtain these candies in the most varied ways, but the main one is to capture the wild Pokémon that roam the game map. Check out, in the tutorial below, all the available ways to get sweets. Remember that Pokémon GO is available for free download on Android and iOS phones (such as iPhone and iPad ).

How to win candy

Pokémon GO focuses on most of the candy distribution at the time of capture. Whenever a trainer captures a little monster, he wins three, five or 10 candies of that kind, according to the stage of evolution. For example, when capturing a Pikachu, the player receives three Pikachu candies, used to strengthen and evolve it.

The candies are always the same as the “base Pokémon” of the species. If the user captures a Raichu, an evolved form of Pikachu, he will obtain five sweets for being a stage above, but they will still be Pikachu sweets. Pikachu sweets are also used to strengthen a Raichu.

Double candy in the catch

When trying to capture a Pokémon, the player can use Frambo and Anaba Fruits to facilitate the capture, however the Caxí Fruit has a different effect. Although it does not help capture, when using it the Pokémon will give twice as many sweets when captured.

While most monsters usually give three candies, it is possible to obtain six with the Caxí Fruit. During special events where Pokémon give twice as much candy naturally, it is possible to obtain up to 12 candies of a kind with the Caxí Fruit, or 10 and 20 if they are evolved Pokémon.

Transfer to the Teacher

From the coach’s list of Pokémon, it is possible to transfer the monsters that the player does not wish to keep in his collection to Professor Willow. In exchange for each Pokémon, the user receives a candy of the type of Pokémon transferred.

It is possible to select multiple Pokémon for transfer by touching and holding the selection screen, but creatures obtained in an event need to be transferred individually. It is important to evaluate your Pokémon before transferring it to make sure that it does not have a high potential.

What is Doce Raro for?

The Rare Candy is a special item that is capable of becoming the sweetest of the Pokémon species that the player wants. Just look at your list of items and click on the rare candy. The game will open your list of Pokémon so you can choose which species that candy should be.

Just click on the Pokémon you want and convert one or more candies. Rare Candy can be obtained as Field Research rewards, GO Battle League, Raid battles, battles with other players and more.

Walk with your fellow Pokémon

Every trainer can choose a Pokémon to follow him as a companion, which guarantees several advantages according to the relationship between the trainer and the little monster. By having a Pokémon as a companion it is possible to win sweets of that Pokémon’s type whenever it travels a certain distance.

This distance is indicated on the companion status screen and next to the coach icon. When improving the relationship with your partner this distance also decreases.

Exchanges between players

Pokémon GO allows two trainers to make Pokémon changes when they are nearby and, when making changes, the player receives sweets based on the species he sent.

If a trainer sends a Pikachu in exchange for a Charmander, he will receive Pikachu candy. The amount of candy also increases according to the distance at which the changed monster was captured.

Sweets when hatching eggs

By using incubators to hatch eggs, the player can earn a random amount of candy when a new Pokémon is born. This amount of candy varies according to the distance needed to hatch the Pokémon. 2 km eggs give around 10 sweets, 5 km eggs around 20 sweets and 10 km eggs approximately 30 sweets. These values ​​vary widely and sometimes the game itself changes them in updates.

Occasional Rewards in Gyms

When a gym belongs to the same team as the trainer, it is possible to give fruit to the Pokémon that are defending it and thus heal them so that they can stay in battle.

Occasionally, when the player gives fruit to these Pokémon, he will be able to receive in exchange a candy of the same species as the Pokémon that was healed.

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