How To Put An Audio Song In WhatsApp Status, Instagram

WhatsApp statuses are those public WhatsApp messages that disappear after 24 hours. For the moment a WhatsApp status can be a photo, a video, or a text. It is still possible to post an audio song as WhatsApp status by following this tutorial.

How to Put an Audio Song in WhatsApp Status
How to Put an Audio Song in WhatsApp Status

How to Put an Audio Song in WhatsApp Status, Instagram

Save the screen of your smartphone:

Open any audio player on your smartphone and start playing the audio and save the screen of your smartphone with an appropriate application.

Make sure you listen to the song by loudspeaker and in a quiet environment to have enough volume. The recorded video of the audio can now be shared as a WhatsApp status.

Convert audio to video (Pro Method):

Another solution is to directly turn audio into the video with a video editing application. There are a lot of them on Android:

YouCut – Video Editor
KineMaster – Video Editor
Quik – Free Video Editor

Fortunately, there is an Android application that simplifies all this and allows you to post an audio song as a status in a few clicks. Here’s how (Easy Method):

Put a Music on its WhatsApp Status

Put a Music on its WhatsApp Status with Audio Status Maker

1. Download Audio Status Maker from the Google Play Store.

2. Open Audio Status Maker and assign the application to all the requested permissions.

3. And here you are on the interface of Audio Status Maker, an interface very similar to that of the WhatsApp status publication. Click on Audio to import your audio from the device. You can also change the color of the background, add text, emojis, and more.

4. Once the audio is imported, click Share to share the audio on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.

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I hope that thanks to this article, you learned how to share audio on your WhatsApp status in a quick and easy way. Videos exported with these free apps contain a watermark, but that is not at all annoying.

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