How To See The Hidden Last Seen WhatsApp (Updated)

WhatsApp has the feature of hiding last seen. This is done so that others can not see the last time someone was online in the application.

How To See The Hidden Last Seen WhatsApp
How To See The Hidden Last Seen WhatsApp

Considering this feature is already available on Android and iPhone, so many users use it.

How To See The Hidden Last Seen WhatsApp

  1. The first way is to install the WhatsClock application on your smartphone .
  2. The second step, add the WhatsApp number that you want to track last seen .
  3. The third step, click the contact that you have added before.
  4. Then, click “Get More Time”, and finally, you will get 3 hours to use this application for free.

If past this time, you will be charged.

Benefits of Using WhatsClock

The advantage of using the WhatsClock application is that you will get two notifications. First, when your friend is online and when he leaves the chat on WhatsApp.

Another advantage is being able to see all of the person’s WhatsApp logs while using this application.

Use the Gossip Application

The second way, using the Wossip application that can be obtained through the Google Play Store. To be able to access it, you must enter the email and click “Monitor Contact”.

Next, select the contact you want to track from the smartphone. Unlike WhatsClock which can only give 3 free hours to track, this application gives you 24 hours free of charge.

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