How To Tap Into An Android Phone’s Call Logs

With cybersecurity and privacy becoming more of a myth, the internet brings along a variety of threats. A new security vulnerability emerges every other day. Our smartphones, in particular, have become an easy target for hackers.

How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs
How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs

This has made it inevitable for parents to keep a sharp eye on their kids’ phones to ensure that they are engaging in safe and responsible internet behavior. The same goes for employers who have provided their workforce with smartphones for work activities.

If you don’t monitor their digital footprints and keep a check on their phone usage now, you might regret it later. Employers must have strict policies and no unauthorized person should be allowed to access confidential data.

For parents, apart from preventing your teen from exposing their life and other personal details on the internet, there are pedophiles, sexual groomers, harassers, online bullies, stalkers, and scammers that you need to protect your children from. You should be aware of who your teenagers or employees are talking to (during work hours, of course).

Rather than inquiring constantly and getting lied to or manipulated, it’s better that you take the matter in your own hands. Apart from keeping an eye on messages and emails, phone calls also need your attention. Xnspy call monitoring app could come to your rescue since Android is the most common device used.

How can you go about it? Let’s take a look:

Call Monitoring on Android with Xnspy

The app effectively caters to your monitoring needs letting you access all information available on the phone and record activities. Xnspy calls monitoring app for Android tracks data in real-time so you can know for sure that you will get precise information. Xnspy call recording app records all the calls automatically that you can listen to later on.

How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs
How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs

Apart from monitoring calls and letting you access call logs, you can enjoy many other features as well. Xnspy is compatible with Android OS versions 4.x and above.

How does it work? Let’ find out:

First, you need to get hold of the Android phone you want to record calls on. Whether it was your teen’s secret late-night calls drove you to use the Xnspy call monitoring app or your employee’s frequent breaks to attend calls, you will need physical access to those devices.

Your best bet would be to install the app when your kids get their first smartphones and on the company-owned devices before handing them over to the employee.

Xnspy call monitoring app for Android records all the data from the phone and upload it to your web account. You can see the details of all calls such as contact, time, date, and duration. Also, the app monitors call activity throughout the week and let you when the phone user had the busiest day or hour in terms of calls.

Step-by-step Guide to tap into an Android phone’s call logs

1. Subscribe to Xnspy Call Monitoring App

First of all, visit Xnspy’s official website and take your pick. There are Basic and Premium editions.

Xnspy Basic Edition$49.99$23.33$8.33
Xnspy Premium Edition $59.99$33.33$12.49

After selecting the package of your choice, give some time to the app to become fully functional and bring the data from the phone to your web account. Normally, it takes 24 to 48 hours.

Sign in to your Xnspy Web Account

After subscribing to the app, you would get an email from Xnspy that shall contain all the relevant details such as the download URL, activation code, installation instructions, and login credentials of your online web account.

All you have to do is go to then sign in using your login credentials. You would see a dashboard displayed on your screen that serves the role of a control panel of the app.

How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs
How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs

2. Go to“Phone Logs”

The dashboard is simply-built. You would find tabs and sections of all phone functions. Select Phone Logs from the left of your menu.

How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs
How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs

3. Tap on “Calls”

Tap on “Phone Logs,” and you would see a dropdown menu. From there, select “Calls.” You can see the entire phone call history of the phone. The app records all data of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs
How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs

4. View the Received Calls

You can see all the call details on your screen like the number, time, and duration of a call, and caller’s details. You can easily access your web account from your desktop and laptop. And using the Xnspy dashboard app, you can log in to your web account from your phones.

How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs
How to Tap into an Android Phone’s Call Logs

With the Xnspy call monitoring app for Android, you can monitor employees and teenagers if you think someone could try to sabotage your business or try to harm your kid.

Go to the top right section of the screen. Now, you would see a search icon. You can specifically know details about a certain contact. Xnspy also allows you to set alerts on particular contacts.

Whenever the phone user establishes contact with that contact, Xnspy is going to notify you right away. Also, the app comes with a surround recording feature that lets you record the surroundings of the phone.

Reasons for Choosing Xnspy

Here are a few reasons why we chose Xnspy for monitoring calls:

Accurate Data

Since the app works in real-time, you can be sure that you will get precise data.


Compared to most apps, the Xnspy Android monitoring app is easy on the pocket.

Data Security

The app does not save the recorded data but sends it directly to the web account. The data does not go beyond the app’s server.

Easy Installation

The installation is simple and takes few minutes. Customer support could help you with installation as well.

Great variety of features

Xnspy offers a wide range of advanced monitoring features at economical rates.

Impressive Compatibility

Xnspy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

User-friendly Interface

Xnspy is easy to use. The dashboard features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

24/7 Customer Support

Xnspy’s customer support is available 24/7. Users can do live chat or email to customer support. You can get efficient and timely support.

Other Features of Xnspy

Xnspy is a complete monitoring solution that works invisibly on the phone you are monitoring. Apart from monitoring calls and access call logs, you can benefit from numerous benefits:

  • Ambient recording
  • Wi-Fi logs
  • Keylogger
  • Monitoring text messages
  • Access to emails, calendar entries, and contact list
  • GPS location tracking with geofencing
  • Watchlist alerts for specific words, contacts, and locations
  • Web browsing history
  • Social media activities

Final Thoughts

Xnspy Android monitoring app lets you remotely access and monitor someone’s phone calls and keep a check on many other phone activities. It is not only a call monitoring app but a comprehensive solution to your monitoring demands.

Xnspy is a perfectly secure app that keeps the data safe. You just need to have access to the phone once and then carry out for as long as you want and keep an eye on the phone activities from a distance.

Using this app for parental or employee monitoring won’t disappoint you. The app is fairly easy to use and understand. And you can find a demo version on the site as well as detailed tutorials for using each feature of the app. For further information, you can check out the app’s reviews and testimonials left on the website by the customers.

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