How to Use an XBOX Stick on Windows 10

Currently Windows 10 has become one of the most popular operating systems. Because Windows 10 provides many new features for game fans, for example Xbox games.

How to Use an XBOX Stick on Windows 10
How to Use an XBOX Stick on Windows 10

How to Use an XBOX Stick on Windows 10

In Windows 10 it is possible for gamers to play Xbox One games on laptops, desktops, tablets which will run smoothly on Windows 10 OS.

To be able to play Xbox games, of course, it must be supported by an Xbox controller device as well, now one of the supporting devices for installing this Xbox stick or controller is theXbox 360 Wireless Receiver.

You can buy this device at gaming or computer stores. Or you can also buy on a Marketplace such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and others.

Okay, we go to the first step, if you have already purchased anXbox 360 Wireless Receiver,plug the device into your PC or laptop.

For driver installation, do the following:

Go to My Computer / My PC à then right-click, then select Properties
2. After that clickDevice Managethen selectOther Device
3. If theOther Devicefolder saysUnknown Devicethen right click and click àUpdate Device Software
4 . Then chooseBrowse My Computer to Driver Software
5. Then selectLet me from list
6. Then select theXbox 360and clickNext
7. Then testthe Xbox Controlleryours

Then after being detected asController For Windows,you set the settings based on the games you are going to play. For example, for FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and others. Make sure the settings are adjusted to the needs of your game.

This Xbox controller is widely used by gamers to play games on PC because it is in high demand in the analog part, when a game requires us to use a lot of diagonal movements to do a combo or trick against enemies, for example, a Sport or Action genre game.

Then another thing that needs to be considered is if you want to use a wireless or wireless network, use a 5GHz 802.11 AC or N network.

Later you can decrease or increase the quality of the game stream by clicking the icon in the top right corner while doing so and selecting quality from Standard, Medium, and High. Make sure it matches the quality of your network.

There are also settings for changing the volume, turning off the mic, and viewing bandwidth information.

You can also use the Xbox One controller to control the stream. After everything is going well, now you can play all the games that you like.

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