How to Use Postepay with Apple Pay

Connecting PostePay or PostePay Evolution to your Apple Pay account is one of the greatest tragedies of recent times. I found a solution that suits you and at no cost.

How to Use Postepay with Apple Pay
How to Use Postepay with Apple Pay

How to Use Postepay with Apple Pay

Can’t wait to discover it? I’ll explain immediately what it is and how it all works.

Is it possible to use PostePay to pay with ApplePay?

Officially, any PostePay account is not yet compatible with ApplePay. Trying to enter your PostePay in the iPhone Wallet you will encounter a configuration error.

To bypass this problem we will rely on a free service that will act as an intermediary to let our PostePay communicate with the Apple Pay configuration on iPhone and Apple Watch.

What Curve is and how it works

Curve is a physical and virtual card container. It is not in any way an account or a simple prepaid, but it is a platform that offers the possibility of enclosing in a single card, virtual or otherwise, the various credit, debit and prepaid cards in your possession (Mastercard or Visa circuit).

The Curve card is perfect for any type of payment and you will need to remember a single PIN to use any previously linked card. Furthermore, directly from the Curve app it will be possible to check the balance, the movement list and perform operations from all the cards connected to the system.

What are the costs of Curve

It is possible to select 3 different Curve planes: Blue, Black and Metal. The Blue plan is completely free and also includes the physical Blue card which will be shipped immediately after registration. However, there are some limitations that I leave you below:

How to pay with Apple Pay using PostePay

Through Curve, you can use your PostePay account to pay with Apple Pay, supported on iPhone and Apple Watch.

You will not move any euro from PostePay to Curve (also because as I have already explained to you it is not an account!), You will have to perform some steps that will allow you to use your PostePay as the main card for Apple Pay.

After finishing the configuration that I show you below, to pay with Apple Pay just double click the Home button or the side button in the most recent iPhones.

At this point, unlock the payment with Face ID or Touch ID and bring the iPhone close to the contactless reader until you see the word Finish and a check mark on the display.

How to connect PostePay to Curve (+ 5 € BONUS)

Finally, let’s move on to the practical side: now I’ll explain how to register on Curve, how to connect your credit, debit or prepaid cards and above all how to enable Apple Pay.

Furthermore, using the link I provide below, you will receive € 5 of BONUS which will compensate the only euro spent (for life) to connect Postpay to Curve. To get started and open a Curve account,click here to download the app:

After downloading the app, open it and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “NEXT” until you are prompted for the email address
  2. Enter your email and click on ” Email Me to Magic Link “
  3. Always open your e-mail box on your smartphone, open the e-mail you just received and then click on the “Log in to Curve” button
  4. Enter all the required data and above all the information of your PostePay card
  5. Send the photo of one of the required documents (front and back) and also the selfie.

Curve will verify the data and charge one euro for the connection of the PostePay to the Curve account. From now on you can use Curve through the virtual card, but you can also request the Curve Blue card for free.

After a few minutes of registration, the account will be enabled and payments made with Curve will be debited to the connected PostePay, without commissions.

In addition, you will have the possibility to insert multiple credit, debit and prepaid cards. This way you can always pay with Apple Pay, choosing each time which account to use.

How to link Curve to Apple Pay

After connecting your Postepay to Curve, you need to add the Curve Blue card to your Apple Wallet. To do this, simply select “Account” in the menu below and then click on the central button “Add to Apple Wallet”.

Do not worry if the number does not coincide with that of your Postepay card, the number of the Curve card is different! Now, by opening the Apple Wallet, you can see your Curve card and use it to pay without any additional configuration.


Through the free service offered by Curve you can finally use your Postepay as your main card to pay with Apple Pay. The procedure is quite simple and once done paying with Apple Pay will be very easy.

You no longer need to carry dozens of cards with you, just select from the Curve app which card you want to pay with and that’s it!

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