How To Use Twitter’s Fleets Function, Like Instagram Stories

Twitter’s Fleets Function: Until now, Twitter was the only social network that had not invested in temporary content, such as Instagram Stories.

How to Use Twitter's Fleets Function, Like Instagram Stories

Yeah, well! To the delight – or sadness – of some users, Twitter started testing the feature called “Fleets”, which will allow the user to post tweets that will disappear in 24 hours.

Although it is not yet available to all users, Twitter said that it will gradually make Fleets available only to Brazilians at first, so you should probably be able to use it soon or it will be soon.

Below you can see how simple it is to use Fleets to share your thoughts with followers.

How to use Twitter’s Fleets Function

First of all, it is important that your Twitter has the latest version installed. To check, go to thePlay Store, if it’s an Android smartphone, orApp Storeif it’s on the iPhone, and update.

Right away, the first visible change on Twitter will be a space at the top of the homepage, where you can see who you follow in small circles, just like Instagram Stories. You will be able to see the fleets of those who follow you there

Step 1: To create a fleet, just click on the circle with your photo and a “+” sign, as shown in the screenshot below:

Another way to add a fleet is to access your profile and click on your profile photo. Note that it will have a gray border, which refers to the Fleets icon.

Step 2: The next step is to write your ‘fleet’. It is possible to add, in addition to texts, GIFs, images from the gallery and photos taken from Twitter itself. After adding the content, just click on “Fleet”, highlighted in white and blue.

Step 3:Once published, you can see how many people viewed your fleet, as well as being able to tweet it and post it on your profile. You can also delete it, if you prefer.

As you can see, Fleets have a lot in common with Instagram Stories – even visually – so it won’t be a problem for anyone who posts Stories frequently.

The interactions – responses and reactions – are directed to the inbox, where direct messages (DM) are currently located. As with Instagram Stories, other people will also not be able to embed or link any content related to your fleet.

According to an official statement from Twitter, the idea of ​​the new feature is to offer a new way to share “faster thoughts”, that is, something that you probably would not publish for everyone to see. Thus, users could even have a little more control over their target audience.

Twitter auto follower tools are still the best way to get new valuable followers. People will notice your follow and visit your profile. It’s up to you to have quality content to make them follow you back.

Do you like Twitter’s Fleets Function? Leave feedback to the social network. Also, leave your opinion in the comments below.

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