How To Write Messages Faster On Android

Write Messages Faster on Android: In this guide we will see what tricks to use to write sentences faster with your Android keyboard. Writing on our phone is something we do every day. WhatsApp, Instagram, email, facebook, etc.

How to Write Messages Faster on Android
How to Write Messages Faster on Android

Finding a good Android keyboard that suits your needs is not a problem, in Google Play you can choose from dozens of different options. To simplify your business.

While the virtual keyboards that we have allow us to type quickly, we can go even faster, thanks to some external applications.

Also as functional as the keyboard is, you may not know that there are shortcuts or key combinations to go faster. Don’t worry, because you can easily learn to write faster without increasing the number of mistakes.

Here are some tricks to save time writing faster.

How to Write Messages Faster on Android

How many messages do you send per day? There must be many, so many that you will already have become awritingexpertin record time. But you can always improve, and to be the fastest to answer all your chats and conversations onWhatsApp, we give you some super useful tips.

Use the space bar

Save time and press twice on the space bar, it will automatically put a dot to finish the sentence. For this, the ”Auto Spacing” function in the keyboard options must be activated.

Write by sliding your finger

One of the best features you can discover is that which allows you to type by sliding your finger on the Android keyboard . Its use cannot be simpler: you just have toslide your finger on each of the letters or punctuation marks of the phrase you want to form, without actually lifting it from the screen.

When finished, the words will appear in the text bar ready to send. This function appearswith the name “Write by sliding your finger” on Gboard and “Flow” on SwiftKey. If you don’t use either of these two keyboards, go to the settings and look for gesture writing, it is very likely that you are among its options.

Add text shortcuts

Yes, you can avoid writing very long words. Like? Add shortcuts. For example, link the symbols ”@@” to your email.

So every time you type thosesymbols, your email will automatically appear. If you haveiOS, select Settings, then General, Keyboard andreplace the textto create the famousshortcuts. In the case ofAndroid, go to Settings, Language, Text Input andPersonal Dictionaries. Then choose the text shortcuts.

Configure the keyboard settings to make the most of it

Each keyboard for Android, including the pre-installed one, has a section of settings that you can use to adapt it to your tastes and needs. Analyze all available options: show the row of numbers in the bar at the top, the height of the keyboard, activate the mode with one hand, expand the letter when you press the key, etc.

By adjusting the functions according to your preferences, you will be able to transform the keyboard into a tool that will facilitate rapid typing. In addition, using the functions we talked about in the previous points, you will have everything in your favor to gain speed when using the keyboard.

Use apps that help you write faster

The first application that we recommend isTexPand.The main purpose of this application is to save you a lot of time when we write sentences that we use quite frequently. For example, if we write three letters, the entire sentence we wanted to write will appear.

To use it, all you have to do is open it and at the bottom right you will see a button to add these abbreviations. Then you can configure it, first by writing the letters you want and then entering the complete sentence.

That way every time you want to write that sentence, you just have to start putting the letters you marked, thus saving a lot of time.

Native Clipboard, an application designed tocopy previously saved texts or words. What is it for? You won’t have to go over and over again to write those words, expressions or phrases that many of us say every day.

There are several applications that create clipboard, but Native Clipboarddoes a function that we haven’t seen until now. With this application we can paste, in a few seconds, all the text entries that we have previously copied. It seems a little messy, but in a while everything will be very clear.

First, we download the Native Clipboard application and assign the corresponding permissions. Once installed, youcan access the clipboard log, which is what we need to copy the messages.

Now, we have to open an application that allows us to write, whatever. We write the text and copy it by selecting it and pressing ‘copy’ . Use everyday phrases “Good morning”, Hahahaha, “Hi, how are you?”, “Shall we do something tonight?”. After writing these words or phrases, we will copy them.

The third step is what will allow us to write them quickly enough.We double-tap the text box of the application in which we find ourselves. Now, a window will open with the texts we have saved. Our advice is not to have too many, because otherwise, we will end up taking more time to search than to glue.

The application is completely free,has no advertisingand works quite well. It is a different (and faster, if you organize yourself well) way of writing those recurring messages that almost all of us send daily.

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