How to Increase FPS in “Rust Experimental” and “Legacy”?

Increase FPS in Rust Experimental: The popular game Rust, which recently appeared on Steam, disappointed many users. He wants a lot when it comes to “hardware”, although not much.

And the optimization of the game leaves much to be desired. Even powerful game systems can have FPS friezes and crashes, so the desire to play games disappears.

Increase FPS in "Rust Experimental" and "Legacy"?
Increase FPS in “Rust Experimental” and “Legacy”?

How to Increase FPS in “Rust Experimental” and “Legacy”?

Although the developers’ attempts to improve the optimization are somewhat justified, the game is still too demanding for the hardware. Therefore, many people want to know how to increase FPS in Rust.

Official system requirements for the game

If you believe in official information, you don’t need a powerful computer. The game will continue even on a normal laptop.

Minimum system to run:

  • Windows 7;
  • 2 GHz;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • DirectX 9;
  • 2 GB disk space.

Recommended system:

  • Windows 8.1;
  • 3 GHz;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • DirectX 11;
  • 2 GB disk space.

Even a cheap and thin laptop meets the minimum requirements. So why the game “buggy” and how can I increase the FPS in “Rast”? We note right away that the methods suggested below without fine-tuning will help with small results. However, the fine-tuning options will also be shown.

How to increase FPS in “Rust Experimental”?

As you know, this game has 2 versions: “Experimental” and “Old”. Let’s start with the first version. Before starting the game, make sure to close all programs that may use processor resources:

  1. Skype.
  2. Browsers, especially Chrome.
  3. UTorrent and DC + download programs (other torrent clients too).

Then, at the start of the program, select the Fastest or Fastest option depending on the power of your system. There are also options: Simple, Fine, Beautiful and Cool.

These graphics settings are for more powerful gaming systems. If you’ve included the programs above and the game is set to Nice or Awesome, it would make sense to have low FPS.

Graphics settings can also be changed directly in the game itself. To do this, you need to save the command graphics quality 1 (to select the fastest value) or 2 (to select quickly). A value of 6 determines the maximum graphics settings, which greatly reduces FPS.

There are more subtle ways to increase FPS to “Rust”. For this:

  1. Reduce the quality of the shadows (in the shadow console) and the landscape (in the terrain quality console) to zero (set the value to 0).
  2. Reduce the distance to pull, but a little. If this parameter is greatly reduced, the objects in the game will not be visible from nowhere as they are responsible for the drawing distance.

If your FPS is high after the actions taken, gradually increase the graphical settings when the FPS drops slightly. The balance between graphics and FPS.

If these methods didn’t work, we can suggest you just wait. Sooner or later, the developers will release a patch that will make changes to the game and optimize it.

“Rast Legacy”

How to increase FPS in “Rast Legacy”? As before, make sure you close any programs we don’t need in the game. Now select the Fast or Fastest settings as well. If necessary, you can even lower the resolution.

However, this will probably not be enough. Requires fine tuning. Everything is very simple here: press F1 to call the console and enter grass.on false. That’s why we’re closing the grass that has a strong impact on FPS.

Yes, the visual image without grass in the game will be boring, but it can be sacrificed for the sake of increasing the FPS. But that’s not all. Making sacrifices is most likely not just necessary for weed.

The following teams can raise FPS significantly, but the quality of the graphics will drop to the lowest, but many players will continue to do so. Enter these commands in the F1 console:

  • grass.forceredraw False;
  • rass.shadowcast False;
  • gfx.ssao Wrong;
  • render.level 0.1;
  • terrian.idleinterval 0;
  • render.aa 0;
  • grass.disp_trail_seconds 0;
  • gfx.tonemap Wrong;
  • gfx.grain Wrong.

And the last tip on how to increase FPS in Rust: choose a server with the right ping. The ping server should not be higher than 200 ms. The ideal setting is 40-50 ms. If above 200, a low FPS makes quite sense even at minimum graphics settings. Be sure to check the server you are connecting to.

How to increase “Rust” FPS on a laptop?

The laptop is not much different from a regular computer, so the methods described above should also be used on it. The disadvantage of notebook computers is that they shut down; therefore, on laptops this may be necessary unless you need to “drop” the graphics settings to the base to increase FPS, due to the graphics core mobile processors getting too hot.

Also, it is highly recommended that you check the system for viruses, check all possible driver updates. Usually, low FPS can be caused by installing faulty drivers.

If none of the above methods help, it remains only to wait for the patches to be released with the optimization fix. Other ways are not known.

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