Increase FPS On Fortnite [Recommended Settings And Tricks]

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the last period and also one of the most played both on consoles and on computers. Here is how to increase fps on fortnite games.

Increase FPS on Fortnite [recommended settings and tricks]
Increase FPS on Fortnite [recommended settings and tricks]

How to increase FPS on Fortnite

In this guide, we will look at the best settings to increase the FPS and reduce the LAG.

Settings to change

The guide will be divided into 4 main points, to be followed to improve the performance of Fortnite, and are:

  • Fortnite recommended settings
  • Settings on the Nvidia panel
  • Fortnite additional command-line arguments, on the Epic Launcher
  • Various tips

Fortnite recommended settings

Let’s see how to change the Fortnite graphic settings.

Start Fortnite, click at the top right on the gear symbol and then click on top video, you will see a screen like this:

Let’s analyze the various options and see how to set them:

  • WINDOW MODE:Leave on full screen.
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION:I advise you to set the maximum for your display, in my case we are talking about a 2K monitor (if you have a very dated PC you can try to reduce even less than the native resolution of your display).
  • FRAME RATE LIMIT:Set to unlimited or select the hertz value of your screen (If you have a 60hz monitor select 60fps).
  • 3D RESOLUTION:To be lowered only if you have too low FPS, I advise you to leave 100%.
  • VISUAL DISTANCE:Here if possible try to increase at least on average. It is the most important value as you will be able to see buildings and enemies from a greater distance.
  • OMBRE:You can set it to no.
  • ANTIALIASING:Select no, or if you succeed medium.
  • TEXTURE:Try bass and see if the game is smooth, try increasing it.
  • EFFECTS:You can deactivate them and set them to low.
  • POST PROCESSING:Hold on low.
  • V-SYNC:Leave it on no.
  • MOTION BLUR:Set to no.
  • SHOW FPS:Activate it to see if you reach your goal and then deactivate it.

If after setting everything to the minimum you see that you reach or exceed your FPS limit, then try one by one to increase the settings so as to have a better graphic output. The setting I suggest you to increase first is visual distanceortexture.

Settings on the Nvidia panel

Settings on the Nvidia panel
Settings on the Nvidia panel

If you have a video card of a NON-NVIDIA brand then you can skip this step. These settings will change the behavior with which the video card will manage Fortnite, let’s see how and what to modify.

  1. OpenNVIDIA control panel(Click on the lower left arrow on the Windows arrow, right click on the GeForce symbol and then click control panel)
  2. Now on the left clickmanage the 3D settings
  3. On the right selectprogram settings
  4. And among the various programs click onFortnite

Perfect, now you have the settings to modify for Fortnite in order to increase the FPS, you need to modify these items:

Not all entries are present, depending on your hardware configuration

  • POWER SUPPLY MODE:Prefer maximum performance
  • GPU ACCELERATION: Set on a single screen.

The rest of the settings can be left unchanged.

Fortnite minimum requirements

First, know the minimum requirements of the game so you can get an idea of ​​how much you can demand from your computer:

  • CPU: I3 2.4.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Dedicated VideoCard: Minimum Intel HD 4000.
  • OperatingSystem: Windows 7 64-bit onwards (Windows 10 recommended).
  • Space: 15 GB free on your hard drive.

Now that you know the minimum requirements, it is time for you to learn our methods to increase the FPS of the game:

Activate performance mode

Performance modeis an option that Epic Games included in Fortnite for those users with modest equipment. It can be accessed through the settings menu. Its function is to change the visual quality,reduce RAM consumption and lighten the load on the CPU and GPU. The consequence: Fortnite runs faster.

To activate performance mode follow these steps:

  1. enter Fortnite
  2. Open the menu and go toSettings
  3. In theVideotab , look for the “Advanced Graphics” section
  4. in “Render Mode” change to “Performance (alpha)”
  5. click apply and restart the game

Remove high-resolution textures

To do this step it is mandatory to activate performance mode. When you have done so, enter the Epic Games launcher and follow the following steps:

  1. Search for Fortnite and click on the three dots next to it
  2. enter the options
  3. Uncheck the “High-resolution textures” box

By doing this you will remove the high-definition textures and save yourself more than 14 GB of memory.

Additional command-line arguments

This setting is present in the Epic Games launcher and not in the game settings, it is a box where it is possible to write as we were on the command line.

To find“additional command-line arguments”and modify it follow these steps:

  1. OpenEpic games launcher
  2. Click below onsettings
  3. Scroll and click onFortnite,two options will open here
  4. Selectadditional command line arguments
  5. Now you have a box where to write, here write: -LANPLAY -USEALLAVAILABLECORES
    You can also copy and paste

If you have difficultyenteringthis wording, thePOW3Rstreamer has made a video showing how to insert this writing and the possible benefits that can be derived from it:

Various tips

After seeing the settings to modify to increase the FPS and reduce the LAG on Fortnite, let’s find out some small tips that will allow you to slightly increase the performance of your computer.

Close the Epic launcher

To reduce the CPU and memory used, you can close the Epic launcher after starting Fortnite.

Turn off the Nvidia overlay

Go to GeForce Experience, setup and turn off GAME OVERLAP.

You can try also Fornite PC from Fierce.

Thus you can increase fps on Fortnite using recommended settings and tricks. If you feel any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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