How to Install Screen Mirror App On iPhone (Just 3 Steps)

How to install the Screen Mirror App on iPhone makes it easier for you when you want to view photos, videos or play games on a wider screen. This way, you can clone your iPhone screen directly to your PC, TV, iPad or monitor. Of course, watching your favorite shows will be more satisfying when you transfer them to your TV at home.

How to Install Screen Mirror App on iPhone, Just 3 Steps

How to Install Screen Mirror App on iPhone

Duplicating the screen with a screen mirror app is very easy, even if you are not a hi-tech person. With a variety of applications available, the screen mirroring process can be done easily.

Before discussing how to install a screen mirror app on an iPhone, we should first explain what screen mirroring is.

What is Screen Mirroring?

As mentioned earlier, screen mirroring refers to duplicating your smartphone screen on a larger screen, for example your computer screen.

This technology works over a WiFi connection, where the smartphone and the larger screen device must be connected to the same network.

Nowadays most devices, including the iPhone, come with built-in support for screen mirroring. For iOS devices, the AirPlay feature is available. AirPlay easily helps mirror your screen to other compatible devices.

AirPlay is easily used for screen mirroring to Apple TV. But if you want to mirror it on your computer, either on macOS or Windows, you’ll have to download a third-party app to display iPhone screen on Windows . There are many screen mirror applications, here we present the best applications to use on iPhone.

How to Install Screen Mirror App on iPhone

Of the many Screen Mirror Apps, we will share one way. For others, the process is slightly different. The differences are usually only in the menu. However, in general, it is usually the same.

How to Install Screen Mirror App via Appstore

  1. Visit AppStore
  2. In the search field type and search for ScreenMirrorApp
  3. When you find the ScreenMirrorApp application, immediately install it on your smartphone

How to Install Screen Mirror App via Website

  1. Visit
  2. Open the download link provided
  3. Download the file and install it on your iPhone using iTunes

For how to use the screen mirror app, see the following link

Best Screen Mirror app for iPhone


The ScreenMirrorApp application is very easy to use. Moreover, it can be used on Android and iPhone. This is what makes us recommend this application in the first point.

Wondershare MirrorGo

Anyone who is not even tech savvy can use this software. The Wondershare MirrorGo application offers many features. One of their mainstay features is that they can record the iPhone screen and save the screenshot.

Lonely View

This app basically tricks AirPlay into thinking your computer is an Apple TV. This camouflage allows you to duplicate the screen to another device. The best part is, Lonely View works for both Windows and macOS.


Mirroring360 comes with the ability to mirror and record iPhone, Windows, macOS, Android, iPad and Chromebook screens. All steps are performed wirelessly on your computer.


As a free screen mirroring tool for iPhone and iPad. With this software, you can record your screen or enable sharing with others in real-time.

LetsView has over a million satisfied customers who have successfully mirrored their screens on their Windows or macOS computers.

LetsView claims to have more than 1 million customers using their platform. This large number can certainly show the quality they have. This application can also be used on Windows and macOS.

That’s how to install the screen mirror app on iPhone. Hope it is useful.

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