How to Install VirtualBox Using the Windows Package Manager

Recently, although I have left Windows for quite a while to embark on a new life in Manjaro, I was forced to return to the Windows ecosystem by installing Windows 10 and all of his friends.

This is because my job seems to really need Windows in some of its activities, especially Windows 10 must run optimally and not run on a Virtual Machine.

Install VirtualBox Using the Windows Package Manager
Install VirtualBox Using the Windows Package Manager

How to Install VirtualBox Using the Windows Package Manager

Long story short, the installation has been completed, I have also installed several important applications, and as usual, because I also have to use a Virtual Machine to open and test versions of Windows Insider, Server and others, so on the sidelines of my clean install do it today, I will install Virtual Box, one of the Virtual Machine applications that I quite like because it is available on a multi-platform basis.

But different from the usual installation, this time I will use Winget or Windows Package Manager, as previously reported, this tool can install, upgrade, configure, and remove applications using the Command Prompt.

Now with regard to this, in this article, I might as well show you the short steps to install VirtualBox via Windows Package Manager.

Step 1. First, make sure you are using the Windows Package Manager / Windows App Installer Preview version which you can download via thefollowing GitHub link.

Step 2.After you install Windows Package Manager Preview, then please open the Command Prompt, or Powershell, please adjust it to your taste. (Make sure yourun as Administrator).

Step 3. Next, please enter the following command to start installing VirtualBox.

winget install -e --id Oracle.VirtualBox

Exactly as in the image above, the download process will start, please wait and just follow what commands are asked, if not, usually the installation will run automatically, and suddenly VirtualBox is already on Windows 10 that you are using.

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