How To Make A BINGO Template For Instagram Story

BINGO Template for Instagram Story: Instagram is an application that is quite popular among the public at this time. This application is equipped with many features in it. But not all features that support the Instagram application are available inside the Instagram application itself.

How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story
How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story

Sometimes there are also many features and creations that can be made outside of the Instagram application. One example is the bingo template. This Instagram Story creation can be made using additional applications. We can make a bingo story with certain topics that we can make ourselves.

For example the topic of memories of school days, memories with former and others. We can determine the topic, along with possible answers experienced by many people including ourselves.

This bingo template is not available directly in the official Instagram application, here we will use the help of the canva application to make it.

How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story

Bingo story templates are generally made using a laptop or computer, but for those of you who don’t have a computer, you can still create this story with the Canva application.

Canva itself is available on computers and cellphones, but it is more flexible if used via a computer.

To create a bingo template, you can follow each of the steps below.

1. Download and install CANVA here If so, please open the application.

2. After you open the application, you will be taken to the Canva login page. You can login using Facebook or with your Google account.

3. Following is the initial appearance of the Canva application. Click the search field and type “Instagram Story Bingo”. Then you search or search.

4. If you have, a lot of bingo template options will appear for you to choose from. Choose one, then click “edit” to change the template according to our wishes.

5. If it’s already for the initial appearance of the template as shown below. You can also increase the size of the template to make it easier to write. You can click on the title “Instagram Bingo” to change the title.

6. For the content, you can also replace each column available with certain words or sentences.

7. If so, please save the bingo results that you have made. You can click the “download” icon to save it to your gallery.

8. Please enter the respective Instagram. Once on the Instagram homepage enter “your story” to create a story.

9. If you have, go to the photo icon in the lower-left corner. Then you find where you saved the bing template. Usually, it’s available in the gallery, but if it’s not there you can find it in the canva storage.

10. Select the bingo template that you created earlier to be shared with your story.

11. Done.

Although this bingo story is almost the same as the survey, on the story page, you cannot click on one of the columns in the bingo.

This is because the template was saved in a photo format and can be posted as an ordinary photo, be it on Instagram stories. Oh yes, for Canva itself, not all fonts are provided free. Only a few fonts are available free. For standard fonts, it’s generally free, so don’t worry.

Usually to get the premium font you want you have to subscribe to the font. But using fonts that are already available in my opinion is enough. That is all the discussion this time. If you have something to ask, you can leave your comments below.

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