10 Netflix Error Codes | How to Fix

Have you ever experienced things like not being able to play content, self-exiting apps, crashes and such on the Netflix app? Don’t worry, because Netflix actually gives you an error code for each of these problems.

That way we as users can take the appropriate action if the error befalls us. So, here are 10 netflix error codes that often occur on Netflix and how to fix them.

10 Netflix Error Codes
10 Netflix Error Codes

10 Netflix Error Codes and How to Fix

Unexpected Error

This error message is usually experienced by those who often watch Netflix from a browser on a PC or laptop. If you also experience this, the fix is ​​very easy, which can be by reloading the page, clearing the browser cache, or restarting your laptop.

These simple methods are usually powerful enough to get rid of the “Unexpected Error” message on Netflix.

Network Error or Code NW-2-5 / NW-3-6

“Network Error” is an error message that appears on the Netflix iOS only app. Meanwhile, the code NW-2-5 / NW-3-6 appears if you access Netflix via a game console, Smart TV, or blue-ray player. All the error codes above indicate that there is a network problem on the device you are using.

So the Netflix app can’t connect to the server and stream content perfectly. For this problem, what you need to fix is ​​the quality of the network you are using. You can check the router for problems, or by using another better provider.

As an alternative, you can also bring your device closer to a Wi-Fi source so that data flow runs more smoothly.

Error code 10025 or 30103

This error code is usually displayed with the phrase “Cannot play title. Please try again later ”. The fix is ​​quite easy, just update the Netflix application on your device. Because this error message indicates that the Netflix application on your device is out of date.

Error Code 10023-10008

This error code appears only on iOS devices, indicating there is a connectivity problem on the device. An example is when your device is connected to campus Wi-Fi, but the router is set so that we cannot access Netflix.

To solve this, there is nothing specific that you have to do other than leave the Wi-Fi and use another network. Or if you have the guts, you can ask your Wi-Fi operator not to limit Netflix.

Error Code UU-800-3

This error code only appears if you access Netflix via a Smart TV, game console, Roku Box and Blue-ray player device. The meaning of this code is that the information provided by your device is outdated and needs to be updated.

To fix this, you can try to do some of these things:

  • Log out, then log back into the Netflix app
  • Restart your device
  • Disconnect from the internet, then reconnect it

Error Code (AVF: 11800; OS; 42800;)

As we know, on Netflix we can download content to watch it later when we want it. Well, this error message will appear when there is a problem with the download result.

This error will appear if the downloaded content is damaged, corrupted or already available. So how do you fix it? It’s easy, by downloading the content you want to watch again.

Error Code F7111-5059

There are several internet providers that restrict their users from being able to access Netflix. Well, usually they will use a VPN so they can still access Netflix without the need to use another provider.

Indeed, most of these methods work, but sometimes this error message will appear. If this error message appears when you access Netflix, the fix is ​​easy, just deactivate the VPN.

Error Code 10013

This error code is similar to the previous error code, except that it is more specific when you want to download content but are connected to a VPN.

If this error message appears, you can first deactivate the VPN you are using, then download the desired content again.

Error code M7111-1331

This error code appears when you want to access a link on Netflix but the link already exists. Usually, a link that points to a film, drama, series or other Netflix content that is no longer available to watch.

Error Code 11800

This error code often appears on Netflix users on mobile devices. The fix can be by logging out then logging back in or by updating the Netflix application.


He was a few types of errors that can happen to you while using Netflix, be it on a cellphone or PC. By knowing the types of errors above, you can take appropriate action.

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