What Are The Main New Features Of Telegram 6.3

New Features of Telegram 6.3: The Telegram application has been updated for computers and cell phones, gaining many new features. Find out what’s changed in it! TheTelegramis a messaging app quite popular, which can be used both on computers and on mobile phones.

What are the Main New Features of Telegram 6.3
What are the Main New Features of Telegram 6.3

What are the Main New Features of Telegram 6.3

Thus, the program is always being updated by its developers and gains more and more exclusive resources, which end up proving to be quite interesting and useful.

New size limit for sending files

Telegram has always been an interesting option for anyone who needed to share a large file during a conversation. Now, this situation is even better, since your limit that was 1.5 GB has been increased to 2.0 GB, that is, you can send even bigger files on the service without any concern.

Use videos as an avatar

Now, instead of having the possibility to use only images as a profile picture, you can also use short videos as your avatar. The process for using the new feature is very simple, in the same place where you could define a “photo”, the videos are now listed.

Statistics for large groups

One of Telegram’s greatest assets when compared to WhatsApp is the functions designed for its groups, in addition to the very generous number of users.

Now, whoever is the administrator of a group with 500 or more people will have access to statistics about the activity of its members and other details, which should facilitate their administration.

Filter for conversations with “non-contacts”

When using Telegram with some groups or even with their functions to meet new people, it is not uncommon for you to end some “conversations” with strangers on your list. So, to help you organize, Telegram now has an option that can automatically archive these conversations.

This feature, it is worth noting, is available for cell phones (Android and iOS) and desktops, but it should only appear to people who have a lot of conversations started with people who are not saved in their contact list.

Skin smoothing for photos and videos

When you use your cell phone to take a selfie, many manufacturers already bring an option usually called “beautification”, which serves to make your skin a little more “clean”.

Now, instead of depending on the manufacturer of your cell phone to bring such a feature, Telegram has a filter called “Skin softener” available in its editor for photos or videos captured with the cell phone’s front camera.

Mini thumbnails for photos

Now, instead of having to open a conversation to find out what an image is about, the Telgram places a thumbnail of the image sent or received in the preview of the conversations.

The feature, besides being very useful, is already activated by default, that is, you don’t need to do anything to use it already.

Small improvement for “people around”

A feature that is not that old of Telegram is the so-called “Find people nearby”, which as the name already denounces helps you to meet and make new friends.

Now to give a little help and help break the ice, now, Telegram suggests a “figurine” when starting a conversation with a contact found there.

Android-specific improvements

Those who use the Telegram application for the Google system also have some exclusive news. Now, by opening Telegram’s “music player”, you can expand the list of audios that have been sent or received through it.

In the video editor, now, you can make small cuts in them or even rotate them, something that can save you a long time when you need to send one of these files with a specific orientation.

Support for multiple accounts on the desktop

One of the features that is very successful in its application for cell phones, is the possibility of using several accounts on Telegram at the same time without the need for workarounds. Now, fortunately, this feature has arrived in the desktop version of the program, which is used on computers.

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