5 Ways to Overcome Free Fire Broken While Playing

Overcome Free Fire Broken: This time we will provide information regarding how to overcome Free Fire breaking or framing while playing. Even though Free Fire isa very light game for potato HP. Sometimes the Playable level is getting lower and lower due to many factors.

Overcome Free Fire Broken While Playing
Overcome Free Fire Broken While Playing

One of them is because there is always such a thing as an Update for Free Fire fromGarena. Now for those of you who already feel that Free Fire is hard to play. This time, we has some tips on how to deal with a broken cellphone when playing Free Fire.

This time, we want to give 5 ways to overcome cracks or framing when playing Free Fire. For those of you who are curious, listen carefully, my friends so that you can apply it properly.

5 Ways to Overcome Free Fire Broken While Playing

In order for it to work, make sure you follow each step that we have summarized for you. Here’s a summary:

1. Cleaning Pack File

The first step you have to do is to do a Cleaning Pack File. This method will delete in-game data, namely Costume Pack Skins to reduce the load in your Storage.

The method is quite easy, when in the Lobby of the Free Fire game, click the white download icon then you will see the various pack files that you need in the game. Later there will be 1 very large data up to 800 MB, namely the Costume Collection Pack.

This is the overall data for costume skins and weapons, so you can play smoothly, please click the delete or delete button. This will make our internal storage space more free to breathe.

Doing this will not have a bad effect on gameplay, it’s just that the weapon skins and all costumes will be lost. But don’t worry, you can download the skins you like by opening the Vault and pressing the download icon for each skin you have.

For Mobiles such as Android or iOS, the minimum remaining internal storage must be 3 GB. So if you only have 1 GB or 2 GB left, it will have an effect and make Free Fire feel heavy.
2. Clear Cache

The second way is to delete the cache alias residual garbage. Start by clearing the RAM cache, then clearing the Free Fire game cache. The trick is to open settings then application management then application settings and look for Free Fire.

Then select storage and cache after that immediately click the clear cache option. If so, the cache from Free Fire will disappear and your RAM will be more spacious. After that enter the game, go to settings and click clear cache then confirm.

3. Adjusting CPU and GPU Capabilities

The next way is to change the preset from Ultra to Standard. The trick is to open settings, select display and if the graphics are on Ultra try changing and shifting to Standard then try playing again.

But if it’s still cracked or stuttering, try changing it from Standard to Smooth and see if it’s still the same. This is the most effective way, especially for those who still use 1 GB of HP RAM with 16 GB of ROM.

4. Force Quit App

The fourth method is a bit extreme because there is a possibility that other applications besides Free Fire will crash. Before you go into therapy, try to first secure the preset data or anything that exists or is connected to the application that we are going to force stop so that it doesn’t run in the background.

Please close all applications first before opening Free Fire, for example WhatsApp, Facebook and others. After that we will force it to close so it doesn’t eat up RAM capacity and goes behind the scenes.

The trick, please go to settings and access application management then look for the application that you feel keeps running behind the scenes and select force stop.

5. Change HP

If none of the four methods worked, we will try an alternative which is the fifth and final method.

Go to settings, click system and go to developer options. After that select Game Driver preferences and look for Free Fire. Then just click and change the Graphics Driver from Default Default to Game Driver. This function is to boost GPU performance so that it matches the software from Free Fire

Oh yes, if you have tried all the methods but the gameplay is still broken, our suggestion is to replace your potato HP right now. If, for example, you want to buy a cellphone to be able to play Free Fire, try at least that cellphone already has 2 GB of RAM

Because 1 GB of RAM is no longer worth it, aka no Play Able to play Free Fire. In addition, try to have the lowest CPU or processor using Snapdragon 435 and it would be better if you had used Snapdragon 600 and above.

As for MediaTek, try to use the Helio G70 at the very least. So if your processor is under Snapdragon 435 or under MediaTek Helio G70. Make sure you don’t force it, because after all, the processor doesn’t support it anymore.

So, those are some tips and how to deal with cracks when playing the Free Fire game. If you have suggestions for other ways, you can leave suggestions in the comments column below.

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