How To Play YouTube Videos With The Screen Locked On MIUI 11

Play YouTube Videos with the Screen Locked: Xiaomi phones come with a pre-installed app that lets you listen to the audio of a YouTube video even when they are blocked. Here’s how to use it!

How to Play YouTube Videos with the Screen Locked on MIUI 11

When using YouTube on your phone, the standard platform application without a premium account does not allow you to continue listening to the audio of a video in the background. Thus, when exiting the application or blocking the cell phone, video playback is paused completely.

In turn, whoever has a Xiaomi device knows that the brand already has some apps pre-installed with MIUI , one of which ends up allowing you to listen to the audio of YouTube videos in the background. Next, here’s how to listen to YouTube videos in the background with a Xiaomi phone.


The procedure shown below was tested on a Xiaomi Mi 9 with MIUI 11.0.6 Global.

How to play YouTube videos with the screen locked on MIUI

To do the task mentioned above, it is not necessary to download any program from the Play Store. Thus, everything is done with the help of the application “Music”. Check step by step:

1. Open the “Settings” screen and check that all apps, which come with the system are up to date;

2. Now, open the “Music” application and tap “Watch”;

3. If you wish, log in to your Google account or already search for the desired video;

4. Run the video and you can now minimize the application to perform other tasks on your device.

Ready! Now, you already know how to continue listening to the content of a YouTube video on your Xiaomi phone even if the screen is locked. The only restriction on using this method is that it is not possible to pause or fast forward the video while the device is locked.

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