How to Put Music in Facebook Stories And How to Use Lip Sync Live

The new feature allows you to choose between different music tracks to add to the content of your stories. See how to add music to your stories or record live karaoke-style videos.

Facebook has been working on incorporating new features into its app to ensure users have a more up-to-date and complete version.

How to Put Music in Facebook Stories And How to Use Lip Sync Live
How to Put Music in Facebook Stories And How to Use Lip Sync Live

How to Put Music in Facebook Stories And How to Use Lip Sync Live

Recently, the social network launched a series of tools that had music as the central axis, but now Facebook has surprised a lot of people, allowing users to add music to stories, just like what happens on Instagram.

With the feature, it is possible to add a song to the photos and videos that are shared in the stories of the social network, even in the content published in the feed.

The mechanics are very similar to the one used by Instagram. When the user selects a photo or video to share in stories, just tap the bookmark icon, and the option to add a song can be selected.

Once the song you want to insert is found, the user can choose the snippet they want to use, as well as add the artist and song name tag.

Add songs to your Facebook stories

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to add music to your stories on Facebook below.

Step 1:First, click on the + icon, under your photo, to add a story

Step 2:Capture a new photo or video, or import a photo or video from your device to Facebook Stories. With the media file loaded, tap the stickers icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3:Tap the “Music” sticker.

Step 4: In this step you have several options. You can scroll through the list of the popular songs and tap “Add” to the right of a song if you want to add it to your post in stories, or you can tap one of the genres or moods at the top of the screen, to look for music that fits that specific genre or mood. (If you want to see additional options for genre and mood, tap “See more…”) Finally, you can search for a song manually by tapping “Search music” at the top of the screen.

Step 5:When you find the song you want to add to the “Stories” post, tap “Add” to the right of it.

Note: You can hear a song playing on your photo, to the left of the song name.

Step 6:Facebook will automatically highlight a part of the song to play when someone views your stories post. If you want to change the section that plays, swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen to highlight a different part of the song. Tap “Done” when you’re done choosing which part of the song to play.

From here, the music will appear as a sticker on your “Stories” post, which you can resize, rotate, and move around the screen to fit your post, just as you would any other type of sticker.

You can also tap the sticker to change its appearance. Finally, you have the option to add other elements to your post, such as text or another sticker, before sharing it in stories and/or your feed.

This new feature is undoubtedly quite attractive, especially for younger audiences and music fans. Until now it was possible to upload images and videos in stories with written text, but never with the possibility of adding a song.

Facebook stories have four format options: live, boomerang, normal, and video.

Lip Sync Live from Facebook

Let’s not forget Lip Sync Live. In the same way that Facebook emulated Snapchat in creating stories, the company now follows the example of A platform loved by teens (and even pre-teens!), now goes by the name Tik Tok.

What is Lip Sync Live?

Lip Sync Live gives users the ability to share videos of themselves singing and dancing to songs, adding another element to Instagram marketing campaigns.

Part of the ad involves the ability for artists to add Lip Sync Live to their Facebook pages. The lyrics create a karaoke experience, a feature that users are sure to appreciate.

How to add stickers (and music!) to your Facebook story

If you’re not familiar with using stickers and creating stories on Facebook, here’s all the instruction you’ll need.

Follow these three steps to add a story to your Facebook story complete with stickers. (And now music!)

Step 1:Click on the camera icon; you will find it in the upper left corner of your phone screen. After clicking the camera icon, slide the screen to the “Live” option. After that, choose the “Lip Sync” option, and a window will open, where you can search for songs, or see Facebook suggestions. After choosing a song, click “Select”.

Step 2:After selecting the song, just click “Start Live Video” to begin your lip-sync streaming. When you finish your video, click “Finish” in the bottom right corner and wait for the video to finish. When the video is ready, select who you want to share it with (friends, audience, etc) and click “Share” to post it.

The video will be uploaded to your stories on Facebook, where it will be active for 24 hours.

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