How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing

Instagram Reels Not Appearing– Recently, Instagram users were surprised by the Reels feature which is enough to make Instagram users feel familiar with the design.

Yup, the Reels feature itself is a feature that allows users to be able to share short videos like in the Tik Tok application. The Reels feature itself was launched by Instagram a few days ago, to be precise on June 23, 2021.

How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing
How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing

How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing

This social media giant does not want to lose to the hype of the Tik Tok application. With this Reels feature, there are various responses from users.

There are those who respond well, because the Reels feature can help users to be more creative, there are also those who respond negatively by regretting that Instagram imitates Tik Tok.

But behind this, in fact Instagram’s Reels feature itself was immediately invaded for use, especially by large accounts to make their feeds more interesting.

Not completely running perfectly, some users have complained about the problem because the Reels feature is not showing up on their Instagram.

Well, if my friend is one of the people who experience the same thing, don’t worry! Here we will share tips on how to deal with Instagram Reels not showing up.

Reels Function Fungsi

Of course, the launch of a new feature by Instagram is not without reason, even though the feature is labeled as cheating on Tik Tok, but this feature if used properly will bring benefits. So what are the functions of Reels on Instagram? see more!

As a Creative Media

If previously Instagram users competed in making filters, now many of them are competing to realize their creative ideas on the Reels feature.

Zachking’s account for example. Yup, the account that shares this optical illusion and magic video takes advantage of the Reels feature to make the video more leverage.

If you are a person who likes to create creative content like Zachking or Aulion, you can immediately try this feature so that your buckwheat creation videos are more interesting and have the potential to increase followers!

As a Promotional Media

Not only for self-promotion but the Reels feature can also be used as product promotion. For friends of entrepreneurs, you can make products more developed and get the attention of many people. Yup, if you make good use of the Reels feature, you will get a decent profit. Please try it!

Raise Insights

Instagram Insights itself is Instagram’s default analytics tool that is provided for free. To get Insights, your Instagram account must switch to a business profile.

Now in Insights there is data related to content, follower demographics, to engagement that will really help your account. The available information can be used by you to monitor and measure the performance of your marketing strategy that happens to be running on Instagram.

Now with this Reels, then you are diligent in creating Reels videos, then the algorithm will bring your account to grow and reach more people through Discover. This is what is expected with this feature.

Adding Followers

Adding followers is the desire of every Instagram user. How come? if your account contains interesting feeds, stories and reels, then your account will get lots of followers without being asked. Make sure you take advantage of this cool feature!

Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing

There are several ways to fix Instagram Reels not showing up on the user’s device. With that said, we will share tips for dealing with Instagram’s reels feature not showing up. Here’s how to fix it:

Update Instagram

Reels itself is present as the latest feature on Instagram. If the Instagram reels feature doesn’t appear on your Instagram, it could be that you haven’t downloaded the feature yet. Therefore, you should update or update Instagram via the Google Play Store or the Apps Store for iOS users.

If you are having trouble downloading updates manually, you can take advantage of the auto-update feature on the Google Play Store.

With the auto feature, application updates will be carried out automatically, that way you won’t miss an update!

Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing By Clearing Instagram Cache

Another tip if Instagram reels don’t appear even though you have tried the previous method, now you can use the tips to clear the Instagram application cache. Cache itself is a temporary memory generated thanks to photos or videos that you previously accessed.

Well, in some cases, Cache can cause errors or bugs in the application. Therefore, please my friend to delete it.

If you don’t understand, please open Settings on your HP device, after that go to the “Apps Management” menu. If you have entered, it will display various applications installed on the device, please select the Instagram application. Then, click on Instagram and scroll down and then click on “data apps”.

Then the clear cache option will appear along with the amount of cache memory. Please delete friends! Log back into Instagram and check whether the Reels feature is active or not.

Fix Instagram Reels Not Appearing By Clear Instagram Data

Tips for dealing with reels not showing up, you can delete the Instagram application data. If clearing cache data doesn’t work, you can delete the data directly.

Instagram data is different from Cache, if Cache can contain garbage, then Data Apps contains data for the Instagram application itself.

Now to delete it, my friend can go to Settings on the cellphone > Select the Apps Management option > Select the Instagram application > Click Data Apps > Clear Data. Then the Instagram application data will be deleted.

Don’t worry, deleting data will not cause problems with the application or device, it’s just that later it will log out all accounts that are logged in to your Instagram. Please, my friend, log back in, and enjoy the newest Reels feature!

Restart HP

Usually after updating or setting the settings, the system must be ‘sleep’ temporarily first. Now for those of you who are having problems, the Instagram reels feature doesn’t appear after tweaking, please reboot or restart the device.

If it’s already on, open the Instagram app again, and enjoy the Reels Instagram feature!

Overcome Instagram Reels Not Appearing With HP System Update

Now the last tip for friends who have problems with the Reels feature not appearing is to try updating or updating your HP system. Maybe your HP operating system is still using the previous version, so it doesn’t support the features in the application.

To update the HP system, the method is very easy. You just need to go to settings on your cellphone > Select the About Phone option > click System > Update System.

Please, buddy, update the system, and after successfully updating, please reopen the Instagram application to enjoy the Reels feature!

How to Use the Reels Feature

To use the Reels feature is very easy. The reason is, operating this feature is not much different from using InstaStory. If interested, here are the steps:

  • First, open the Instagram application on your cellphone
  • Then click the Reels icon in the bottom center (formerly the plus icon)
  • Then my friend will enter the video reels of another account
  • Now, to make reels, please click on the photo icon in the top right corner
  • Once clicked, it will enter the process of making Reels. Now here, my friend can make it directly, byadding music audio, setting the time of the reels (minimum 15 seconds, maximum 30 seconds), adjusting video speed, adding filter effects, adding facial smoothing effects, setting video layouts, and setting the timeto start the video. .
  • In addition to making directly, you can also choose ready-made videos through your gallery. The trick is to click the gallery icon in the lower left corner and select the video. Videos from the gallery can also be edited as before.
  • Upload a video, then Reels’ videos will appear in your Instagram feeds!

The final word

That’s the Reels function, how to solve Instagram Reels that don’t appear on HP devices, and how to operate the Reels feature that we can convey. How? very easy isn’t it? this way, you can maximize your creativity to make your Instagram more interesting!

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