How To Remove Duplicate Files On Android

Remove Duplicate Files on Android: Large storage space does not guarantee that you are free from duplicate files. Try this method to find out how many duplicate files are on the smartphone that you are currently using.

How To Remove Duplicate Files On Android

Suddenly the smartphone experiences full memory? There are many possibilities that cause smartphone internal memory to be full, it could be due to storing lots of large files, not much memory capacity, garbage files that have piled up and cases that often occur are many duplicate files.

There are many causes for duplicate files, but the most common is the Whatsapp application. Especially for people who have Whatsapp accounts with a large number of groups, so that submissions from each group member such as photos, videos, audio and documents will be stored on the smartphone’s storage and will continue to accumulate, causing the cellphone memory to become full.

If the cause is due to the Whatsapp application, actually it can be resolved by How to Save Whatsapp Photos to the Gallery. However, the cause of file duplication is not only caused by one application, several applications on the cellphone can cause the same thing.

But there is no need to worry, to delete duplicate files it can be solved easily, there are several applications that have features that can identify duplicate (duplicate) images, videos, audios, and documents, and can delete them directly from a smartphone.

Even though the latest smartphones like Huawei Nova 3i, Honor 10 OPPO Find X, and Xiaomi Mi A2 have a large enough storage, if there are multiple files in large numbers, it will certainly speed up the internal memory to full quickly.

Go straight to how to determine duplicate files on an Android smartphone, namely with the help of the Duplicate File Remover application. For a discussion about using this application, you can follow the steps below.

How to Remove Duplicate Files on Android

  • First install the Duplicate File Remover application by downloading it directly on the Google Play Store.
  • Open and run the application, then give permission to read stroge or storage so that the application can scan all files on the smartphone.
  • Then select one of the file types to be deleted, you will find video, audio, images and documents.
  • After the file scanning process is complete 100%, the duplicate files will appear, you can find out which files are duplicated.
  • Then you just have to choose which files to delete, or you can also delete all the files, both the original and the duplicate files.
  • To clean the whole, you can do on all other types of files.
  • Done.

The method is quite easy, right? This method of removing duplicate files is very useful for smartphones with small internal memory storage.

So to overcome the full memory must do it regularly, for example once a month. Hopefully this article was useful, and helped solve the problem of double, duplicate or duplicate files with no known cause.

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