How To Completely Reset Windows 10 Network Settings

Reset Windows 10 Network Settings: If the internet on your computer or notebook is not working properly, the solution may be to reset your network configuration. See how the process is!

How to Completely Reset Windows 10 Network Settings
How to Completely Reset Windows 10 Network Settings

To browse the internet through your computer you need a network card, which can be wired or wireless. In the case of usingWindows 10, the system ends up saving a series of settings and drivers to ensure that everything works, which does not always happen in practice.

To solve this problem of ending up without internet or with another problem on your network, a good solution is to reset their settings, that is, leave all network settings as if you had just installed Windows. Next, see how to completely reset the Windows 10 network settings.

The procedures described below may end up erasing the saved passwords for your Wi-Fi connections. So just continue with them if you remember them or follow the steps.

How to Reset Windows 10 Network Settings

To reset your network settings, this tutorial covers two ways, the first of which is done with a function of Windows 10 itself without relying on “commands”, but it does not end up being so complete. Check out:

1. Press the “Win ​​+ I” keys together to open the Windows 10 “Settings” screen;

2. Click on “Network and Internet”;

3. Scroll down the new page to the end;

4. Now, click on “Network reset”;

5. On the new page, click on “Restore now”;

6. In the message that appears, click on “Yes”;

7. You will then receive a message that Windows will shut down in 5 minutes. Wait.

After waiting for 5 minutes, your PC will have restarted and you will have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network or check if your network problem has been solved.

How to reset network settings completely

Using the command prompt, you can reset other network settings that are not affected by the method shown above. Here, it is worth noting, we only recommend following these steps below, in case the above method does not solve your problem. Look:

1. From the Start menu, run the “Command Prompt” as an administrator;

2. There, you will need to use a series of commands. Start with this: netsh winsock reset;

3. After having used the above function, also use these other commands (one at a time): netsh int ip reset, netsh advfirewall reset, ipconfig / flushdns, ipconfig / release, ipconfig / renew;

4. After using all the commands, restart your computer normally.

Ready! Now you know how to completely reset Windows 10 network settings.

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