Resolve DISM Error 2 On Windows 10 PC

Resolve DISM Error 2: DISM is built into the Windowsoperating system and is available as a command line tool for mounting Windows images from files, as well as the ability to update a running system as well. Sometimes errors can occur while running the tool, let’s see how to fix them in the following steps.

Resolve DISM Error 2 on Windows 10 PC
Resolve DISM Error 2 on Windows 10 PC

How to fix DISM error 2

Solution 1: Temporarily disable or uninstall antivirus

Sometimes the security software can hinder some of the processes on the computer, so in case of a DISM error 2 problem, we can temporarily disable the antivirus or uninstall it, if the problem persists we can cancel- mount the image and check the result again.

Remember to reinstall or enable the antivirus after the operation is complete.

Solution 2: Check the DISM version

Make sure you are using the correct version of DISM installed with the Windows ADK. Also, do not mount images to protected folders such as the UserDocuments folder.

If DISM processes are interrupted, temporarily disconnect from the network and consider running commands from WinPE instead.

Solution 3: Update the DISM tool

Right-click on Start, then selectCommand Prompt(Admin)

Type this command: exe / image: C / cleanup-image / revertpendingactions. This will restore pending tasks including all pending Windows updates.

Start your computer and then open the command prompt

Run this command: exe / online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup. This cleans up the component store and helps everything work properly.

Restart and run an SFC scan in Safe Mode by doing the following:

Click Start, then go to the search field box and type CMD

In the Command Prompt, right-click and selectRun as administrator.

Type sfc / scannow and press Enter

Reboot your PC and then run the command: dism.exe / online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

If that doesn’t help, try the next solution.

Solution 4: Use the Disk Cleanup tool

Since the DISM tool will not work or display the DISM 2 error and Disk Cleanup cannot free up much space, use the Disk Defragmenter to reorganize the fragmented data on your system by doing the following:

  • Log in as an administrator
  • Click Start and select File Explorer
  • Right click on the Local Disk (C 🙂 and then click on Properties
  • Let’s go to theToolstab
  • Under Optimiz and defragment drives, select Optimize
  • Click Apply and then press enter or click OK

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