Restore Chrome History Without Software Using 3 Ways

Restore Chrome History: For Google Chrome users, have you ever wanted to browse history but it doesn’t exist? It’s very annoying if we want to open a website before, but the history has been erased. This kind of incident can occur because it is intentional or not intentional.

Restore Chrome History Without Software using 3 Ways

However, Buddy you don’t need to worry because in the Google Chrome browser there is a secret that is quite unique.

One of them is that we can access the history that was deleted earlier! Here are three ways you can try, friend. For more details, let’s follow the methods.

3 How to restore Chrome History

1. Using Google My Activity

In the Google Chrome browser there is a feature called My Activity or if it is translated into My Activity. This feature can only be available if the browser uses the latest version. Both the computer and smartphone versions , both have had this feature since it was updated. The steps themselves are as follows:

  • Please log in to Google Chrome if you haven’t done it before.
  • Then, visit My Activity after entering the options section. This section applies to the computer version as well as the smartphone version.
  • Then in the options section again, you can select “Chrome” y = to see a much smaller history list.
  • Later My Activity will group together various previous history. just click the “Other Items” button to see a large variety of pages.
  • Well, this is where you can see a variety of history that is equipped with time and also the device used to open the site.

It should be noted that the histury that arises is a combination of a computer and a smartphone. Therefore, you can re-sort for more details.

2. Using the Command Prompt

The next way is to use the Command Prompt. It should be noted that this method can only be done on a computer because the Command Prompt application only exists on the computer.

Plus, this method will work if the computer hasn’t been turned off before. For the steps, consider the following explanation.

  • Enter the Command Prompt. You can go through Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt or can go through Start-> type in the “cmd” dialog box.
  • After entering the Command Prompt program, next is to type “ipconfig (space) / displaydns” then press enter.
  • You just wait until the process is completely finished. If so, you can see various lists of sites that you have entered. But again, the various history displayed is before the computer is turned off.
  • Then you just note which website you want to visit again.

The one in method clearly shows its weakness, ie the history list will be lost if the computer has been turned off before.

In addition, this method also does not display the time when we are browsing. Moreover, to carry out any search must be manually.

3. Using the User Data Folder

The last way is to use the user data folder contained in Windows explorer. This method only applies if the Window used has a Restore Point. If there isn’t, then this method can’t be done. To find out how, here are the reviews.

  • Go to My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  • Next is to type “C: \ users \ computer name \ Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome” then enter.
  • If a folder called User Data appears, right-click and select “Restore Previous Versions” on the menu.
  • Take a few moments because the computer will restart later.
  • After logging back in, next is to reopen Google Chrome and look at the History section. All previously visited websites have returned.

You could say this method is only for people who are experts, considering that many restore points cannot be had by many users.

Therefore, this method is quite complicated. Thus 3 ways to restore Chrome history without software. Hope it is useful for all our users.

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