How To Schedule Downloads For Later With Chrome On Android

Browser gained feature in its trial version, which allows you to schedule downloads to be performed later. Here’s how to test it!

How to Schedule Downloads for Later with Chrome on Android

The Chrome is one of the browsers most usedAndroidto come pre-installed on the Google system and receive constant updates, they end up adding various functions.

In turn, when browsing the internet with him, it is quite common that you want to download some files, which can end your data plan quickly if a Wi-Fi connection is not being used.

Thinking of helping people avoid problems because of this, Chrome has a function in testing phase that allows you to “schedule a download” for later or when you have a Wi-Fi connection. Next, check out how to schedule downloads for later with Google Chrome.

As explained above, this new Chrome function is still in the testing phase and, for now, it can only be enabled in the Canary version of the browser for the Android system.

In the tests carried out, it is worth noting that the new function proved to be quite unstable and worked occasionally, that is, some downloads continued to start automatically without giving us the option of being scheduled or performed only via Wi-Fi.

How to schedule downloads for later in Chrome on Android

Although this is a feature that can prove to be very useful, even in the test version of the browser, this new function is not yet enabled by default. So, check out how to activate it below:

1. Access Google Play and download the latest version ofGoogle Chrome Canary. If you already have it installed on your phone, just update it to the latest version available;

2. Open the browser normally and access the address;chrome: // flags;

3. Now look for “Download later” and change its value from “Default” to “Enabled”;

4. In “Show Download Later Dialog on Wi-Fi”, also change its value to “Enabled” and tap “Relaunch”. If you do not enable this option, you will only see the function of rescheduling downloads when using your data plan to download files.

From now on, the new Google Chrome function is already enabled and will appear to you when trying to download. Here’s how to use it:

1. Access to download the desired file;

2. When trying to start the download, a message should appear. There, select the option “Choose date and time”. If you prefer, you can also ask the download to start on Android to detect a Wi-Fi connection;

3. When the time defined in the previous step arrives, the download should be carried out automatically.

Ready! You now know how to use the Chrome download schedule feature on Android.

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