Silent Room Clubhouse | Chat Room Where You Need To Be Silent

The audio-based social media app,Clubhouse, has been the topic of conversation for some time recently after Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) was caught using it.

Like other social media services, users on this social media can meet people, make friends with them, and follow a number of popular figures.

Silent Room Clubhouse | Chat Room Where You Need To Be Silent
Silent Room Clubhouse | Chat Room Where You Need To Be Silent

Silent Room Clubhouse | Chat Room Where You Need To Be Silent

It’s just that, the way it works is a little different because Clubhouse users will be connected through conversations, interviews, discussions, or conferences which are divided into chat rooms or rooms.

In general, the chat room in the Clubhouse will provide a stage for a number of people to have a conversation on a specific theme so that some other users can listen to it like a teleconference.

The rooms in the Clubhouse also vary greatly depending on the chat themes discussed in it, such as technology, business, to health. Therefore, users can choose the stage according to their interests or needs.

What makes this social media application even more interesting is that there is a chat room called the Silent Room. In it, everyone should absolutely be mute.

What is a Silent Room in the Clubhouse App?

Although designed to be able to connect people via the medium of voice, Clubhouse in fact has several chat rooms that prohibit everyone inside from making any sound.

Some people named a number of these rooms as the silent room. In Indonesia itself, some users also specifically call it a quiet or calm room.

On the other hand, when joining it, users will not hear the voice of the conversation in any form, like a chat room in general, be it a dialogue, discussion, or an explanation from someone.

Clubhouse users can now find plenty of space like this within the service. It’s just that in general, each usually has a different formation goal.

Purpose of Silent Room in the Clubhouse Application

Making Friends

During joining a chat room, Clubhouse users will usually be allowed to view a list of participants so that they can visit each other and follow each other’s profiles.

A number of unique silent rooms take advantage of this support to make participants connect with one another by simply looking at each other’s profiles without the need to interact directly.

The presence of this kind of chat room can certainly be good news for people who are quiet or have difficulty communicating because they can still make friends with other people.

Meditation Means

Several figures who are involved in their unique inner healing field also use the silent room as a means of meditation so that participants can take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Adjie Santosoputro one of them. Based on the reviews submitted by VICE, this inner healing practitioner is diligently holding online meditation events through the Clubhouse service.

Different from other media, Clubhouse is indeed very suitable to do this because the service will not record various activities in it into pictures, videos or sound. Therefore, the user can really appreciate the number of moments that exist.

Remembering an Event

At some events, silence has become an integral part so that participants can reminisce about an important or sad event that has happened in the past.

Silent rooms can also be a very suitable alternative to doing it online so that they can reach more people without being tied to the location of the implementation.

One example of using a silent room for this is the one-year anniversary of the death of Li Wenliang, a doctor in Wuhan who was reprimanded by police when he tried to alert colleagues that a new pathogen was circulating.

With some of the goals above, the silent room will be very useful in life. But unfortunately, the Clubhouse application itself is still available exclusively on the iOS platform and can only be accessed via the invitation system.

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