Social Media Ads: 5 Ways To Create Effective Ads

Because the social media landscape is saturated with advertising, how do you stand out and capture the attention of your prospects? To build more powerful social media ads campaigns , follow these 5 pro tips!

Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads
Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads

Social Media Ads: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ads

1. Know the different social platforms

The reality is different with regard to advertising on social networks. Each platform has a specific audience, different advertising tools and a special use. These criteria must be taken into account when creating your advertisement.

To help you, here are some advertising rules to adopt on each social network.


Short videos: Facebook recommends a duration of 15 seconds. Images with a lot of text will have little scope. Make sure you have 20% text on your visuals.

Consider seducing your customers by creating an offer on Facebook, especially if you manage an e-commerce.


Your ad should look like an Instagram post. Choose images and videos that reflect the authentic look of the platform.

Try to capitalize on popular hashtags by including them in the messages you are promoting. This way, when someone searches for this hashtag, your message may be part of the conversation.

You do not have a fabulous photo? Try to create an embellished quote image, Instagram users love them.


LinkedIn allows you to create up to 15 different ads. Try different titles, texts and images to see what resonates with your target.

When composing a sponsored InMail, make sure your topics are short, relevant and benefit-oriented. Keep conversational and humane, and consider using LinkedIn’s option to automatically fill in the recipient’s names in the message.

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Create geofilters with built-in resources in the Snapchat authoring tool, or design something completely personalized.

Make sure your geofilters and stickers are exciting enough for users. You can also consider considering special events and times of the year.

2. Know your target audience

Before you start advertising on social networks, be sure to know the profile of your prospects and customers. Each platform allows you precise and strategic targeting of your audience.

To achieve maximum ROI, you must show your ads to an audience that is clearly defined by sociodemographic criteria, passions, work, gender, or connection patterns. The criteria depend on your activity.

Each network offers slightly different targeting options, but you can usually specify the location, gender, and age range of your ideal audience. The goal of targeting is to get the most out of your ad spend and show people in the social world relevant content.

However, when creating your audience, keep an eye on the estimated audience size (most networks display this information). Becoming too specific can prevent some potential customers from seeing your ad.

3. Improve your quality rating

The Quality Score or quality rating is a measure that Google uses to evaluate the quality and relevance of your keywords and your PPC ads. At Facebook, there is a similar score, called “Relevancy Score,” which indicates the relevance of your ad. Twitter also has this feature under the name “quality-adjusted offer”.

No matter what name you give it, the Quality Score is a crucial step in maximizing the impact of your Twitter and Facebook Ads. Change the visuals, call-to-action or target to increase the score, as well as your engagement rates.

4. Play on the emotions

The heart of your social strategy is to focus on the user experience. On social networks, the first part of this experience is the creative element, the visual and, consequently, the emotional response.

Humans are quick to respond emotionally to visual stimuli. These reactions can range from curiosity to humor to fun or charm. Emotions are contagious and often cause sharing. An interaction that increases your notoriety!

In your Social Media Ads, think about playing on the emotion of your audience to elicit a reaction: click on a link, comment, share the publication

5. Look after the visuals

You will promote your brand to prospects, who may have never heard of your products. How do you ensure that your ads create the desired perception of your business and invite them to action? It’s about making a good first impression. But the first thing they will see when your ad appears in the thread is the visual.

It is extremely important to choose the “right” image or animation. A visual that will capture their attention and pass a message consistent with your goals. With it, you put specific visual cues that immediately set your brand in the mind of your audience.

Always think about testing your advertising campaigns! Launch multiple versions of the same ad to find the one that drives the most conversions. This is the best solution for your social media ads to offer a high ROI.

To save time you can also ask the help of an advertising expert on to assist you in the creation of your advertising campaigns.

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