How To Turn Off AutoCorrect On Gboard

Turn Off AutoCorrect on Gboard: Gboard is now the default keyboard app on most of the latest smartphones. Just like other keyboard applications, Gboard is also equipped with various features that make it easier for us to type on the touch screen.

How to Turn Off AutoCorrect on Gboard
How to Turn Off AutoCorrect on Gboard

One of them is the auto correct or auto correction feature. This feature speeds us up in typing, for example when we typo one or more letters, Gboard will correct it into the word we want.

And I think the auto-correction is pretty accurate. Most of the words I typed and experienced typos were successfully corrected accurately according to the words I wanted to type.

But there are some people who do not like this auto-correction feature, one of them is people who like to type by abbreviating words. The abbreviated word will be corrected immediately by Gboard, so it is not according to the user’s wishes.

So, you can turn this feature off on Gboard if you want.

How to Turn Off AutoCorrect on Gboard

For those of you who have more quota and want to understand this tutorial more clearly you can just follow the tutorial written below:

  • Open the Gboard application on your Android phone.
  • Once open, you will see that there are many menus. Select the Text correction menu.
  • Slightly scroll down until you find the Auto-correction option, then disable the option by moving the slider to the left.
  • Done.

Now try using your phone to type messages or documents. Gboard will not automatically correct the words you type because you have disabled this feature.

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