How To Install Pocophone Launcher On All Android Phones

Pocophone F1 has become one of the most interesting smartphones of interest lately. Because the smartphone made by Xiaomi’s subsidiary is equipped with high specifications but is sold at a price below the average.

How to Install Pocophone Launcher on All Android Phones

Because it is still a sister to Xiaomi, the user interface it uses is MIUI which was modified specifically for Poco. MIUI for Poco offers a beautiful design and fast performance. In addition, there is the App-drawer option if you don’t really like displaying all applications on the home screen page.

How to Install Pocophone Launcher on All Android Phones

The launcher used in the Pocophone F1 has succeeded in captivating many people. Finally, Xiaomi officially released the launcher application on the Google Play Store calledPOCO Launcher. Unfortunately, until this article was made, the launcher is still in early access and the user registration is full.

Download POCO Launcher

Even though it can’t be downloaded directly on the Play Store, users can still feel the POCO launcher in the following way. First of all, download the POCO Lancher application via a third-party site, one of which is theMirror APK. Make sure the latest version is downloaded.

If you have downloaded it, install POCO Launcher on Android then open the application and give the necessary permissions to run optimally.

Also set POCO Launcher to be the default smartphone launcher, it is intended that when pressing the Home launcher button does not change.

POCO Launcher displays all applications in the app drawer and will also group applications by category. When entering the settings menu, there are some simple settings, such as Icon pack, automatically set groups, options for grouping applications based on the color of the logo, scroll bar and Home screen settings.

That’s the easy way to install POCO Launcher on all Android smartphones. Not many features can be used at the launcher, but with further development, it is likely that Xiaomi will present a variety of interesting features.

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