How to Turn Off Video Autoplay Feature on Facebook

Facebookis one of the most popular social media sites, even in the pagerank (ranking of the popularity of a website) Facebook is ranked 2nd after Google.

Along with the increasing number of users, Facebook continues to develop its features so that its users are comfortable.

Turn Off Video Autoplay Feature on Facebook
Turn Off Video Autoplay Feature on Facebook

How to Turn Off the Video Autoplay Feature on Facebook

One of the new features on Facebook isAutoplay Video, as we know we can upload files such as videos before we need to click on the video to be able to play it, but currently Facebook makes uploaded videos run automatically or autoplay without having to click. play.

Maybe for some people this feature is useful, but for me personally who use quota to surf the internet this feature is not really desirable. Okay, if you also feel annoyed with this autoplay feature, you can disable/disable it, here’s how

Turning off the Facebook Video Autoplay Feature on the Computer

  • Click settings on the dropdown menu at the top right
  • Then click the Video menu
  • Then just click the video autoplaysettings

finished then the video will not run unless we click, in this video section we can also select the quality of the video displayed.

Furthermore, to turn off autoplay onsmartphones and tablets that use the Facebook application, there are additional options besides on / off, unlike on computers.

The additional option is that we can set up video autoplay when our smartphone or tablet is connected to wifi. so the video will run automatically when the device is connected to wifi, if you use a video data package it doesn’t autoplay, here’s how

Turn off the Facebook Video Autoplay Feature on Android

  • Open the Facebook application on your smartphone or tablet
  • then click on the menu button
  • then select thesettings app
  • Finally, selectthe autoplay video automatically, the on, off and wifi only options will appear

Turn off the Facebook Video Autoplay feature on iOS

  • Open thesettingsmenu on your iPhone or iPad, then selectthe Facebook application.
  • Then click on settings, in thevideosection you can set on, off or wifi only

So many articles about how to turn off the Facebook Video Autoplay feature on computers, android and iOS, so it’s useful.

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