Tutubox | New Alternative Store For IOS

Tutuboxis an alternative store for iOS that does not need jailbreak without a pc but directly with the iPhone. Tutubox App allows us to download crakkate apps, mods and also jailbreak.

Tutubox | New Alternative Store for iOS
Tutubox | New Alternative Store for iOS

Tutubox | New Alternative Store for iOS

  • Before you start you need to connect to a Wi-fi connection, then go to the iPhone settings and select Wi-fi.
  • Click on the “i” of our connection and go down to the “configure proxy” item.
  • After clicking on the item indicated, it will give us this menu, with a tap we select “automatic” and you will see a new item ” url” click and enter this link ”http://ffapple.com“.
  • To close the operation click on save and go back.
  • For added security, clear the safari history found in settings> safari> clear data and history.
  • At this point we go to Safari and go to this link by inserting it on the browser “https://tutubox.io“, after opening the page we click on “install” (see photo below).
  • Another page will open where you have to try the different links that the site offers you, many do not work so you have to try until you find the working one.
  • Close all advertisements that appear to you. When the link does not work, repeat the operation, clearing safari data and history.
  • After finding the working one, the installation will start and to access it you have to do the usual steps to authorize the app. For the less experienced you have to go to settings> general> device management and finally click on the gear icon and authorize the app.

Now you can open Tutubox and you will find all the crakkate and monddate apps that you like, they are not many but it is a start. If you have any issues, comment us in the comment box. We will help you as possible.

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