How to Use WhatsApp on Mac

WhatsApp is probably the most popular instant messaging application in the world, with around 64 million text messages sent every day. Most WhatsApp users have WhatsApp installed on their cellphones.

But not everyone chooses to use the short message application on a cellphone because of its size, or because they want to be more practical by bringing only one gadget, namely their Mac computer.

How to Use WhatsApp on Mac
How to Use WhatsApp on Mac

How to Use WhatsApp on Mac

The question is, is it possible to open the WhatsApp application on a Mac? If possible, how? Apparently, there are many ways you can choose to use WhatsApp on Mac.

Previously, you could not send or receive WhatsApp messages on a computer, but on 10 May 2016 WhatsApp introduced its desktop application.

This article will explain how to access, send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Mac, including through third-party applications.

Three Ways to Access WhatsApp on Mac

1. WhatsApp Web

This is an older way to open WhatsApp on Mac. Around January 2015, there was a version of WhatsApp for PC and Mac users which let users open it from any device and access their messages. This version is called WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web is supported by Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, but not fully supported by Safari. If you open WhatsApp Web in Safari, some features will be missing.

By opening WhatsApp Web on Chrome, Opera, or FireFox, you can log in using a QR code and access all conversations on your phone. Plus, you can send and receive media, take part in group conversations, send and receive voice messages, and even receive notifications.

What you cannot find if WhatsApp Web is used in Safari are notifications and recording voice messages. But you can still listen to voicemails. Also keep in mind, your phone must be connected to the internet to send and receive messages from WhatsApp Web.

2. WhatsApp for Desktop application

On 10 May 2016, WhatsApp launched its desktop application for the first time. This application can be downloaded for free on their website. Of course, the desktop app is just as easy to setup as the mobile app.

After downloading the program and placing it in the applications folder on your Mac, you will be assigned a unique QR code. After that open your cellphone, open WhatsApp, and click the three little dots in the top right corner and select the WhatsApp Web menu.

Now you will have a QR code scanner in the WhatsApp application on your phone and use it to scan the QR code on your Mac screen. Once done scanning, you will have all your WhatsApp contacts and conversations synced on your Mac.

3. Third Party Applications

Apart from the methods that WhatsApp offers directly, there are also great third-party applications for Mac users. With this application, WhatsApp users on Mac can receive notifications, use a neat appearance, get regular updates. All of them can be used for free.

The app is called ChitChat, but you can’t find it on the Mac App Store. You can download it on GitHub.

How to use it is also easy. Just head over to the ChitChat page on GitHub and download the app. Once downloaded, you will find a menu to log in using a QR code. After that, scan the QR code on your Mac with your smartphone and the two apps on your device will sync.

After completing the above process, you can immediately use ChitChat to send and receive messages. A notification will appear in the notification center of your Mac. The features that ChitChat offers are complete, but you can’t record voice messages.

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