How to Make Video Call on Telegram

In this article, I will tell you how you can make video calls on Telegram. Telegram announced this feature a few months ago along with updates to several other features.

How to Make Video Call on Telegram
How to Make Video Call on Telegram

How to Video Call on Telegram

The video call feature here is a group video call feature, not a personal video call. But this can be tricked by creating a private group between you. So it can actually be a personal video call.

Unmitigated, Telegram’s video call feature is not just a video call like in a group video call on WhatsApp. There are additional features that really help our current work.

How to Video Call in Telegram Groups

The group video calling feature is limited to 30 people, but that number Telegram says will increase “soon”.

This video call feature is an extension of the voice chat feature in Telegram, so don’t be surprised if the steps are almost the same.

Immediately, here are the steps.

1. The first step, open the Telegram application.

2. Open any group in the Telegram app where you want to make a group video call.

3. After entering the group page, go to the group info page.

4. Then a page like the image below will appear, then tap the “voice chat” icon at the top.

5. After that, when the voice chat starts, you can tap the camera icon to turn on your camera.

5. Then, on the next page when your selfie camera is open, tap “Show Video”.

6. Done. Now you have successfully started the video call. You just invite members or wait for the members to join the chat.

Additional features: Noise Cancellation

This feature serves to eliminate background noise during calls.

  • First, press the three-dot option in this “Voice chat” column box.
  • After that several options will appear, tap “Noise Cancellation”
  • Done, the Noise Cancellation feature is active.

Additional features: Screen Sharing

Just like other video calling apps like Zoom, Telegram has also added a screen sharing option during video calls. This will help those teaching online classes or holding meetings with colleagues. Here’s how to activate it.

1. Select the three-dot option.

2. After that select the screen share option.

3. After that a notification will appear like in the picture, then tap “START NOW”

4. Done, after that there will be a notification that the screen is shared.

Now that’s an article about how to make a Video Call in a Telegram group. Hopefully useful, see you in the next article. Thank you.

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