9 Viral And Popular Games of 2021

Popular Games of 2021: Even though it has entered 2021, the community still has to stay at home due to Corona. One of the entertainment that is impossible to give boredom is game. This new year there is a huge list of popular games in 2021 which provide a special challenge for game lovers.

Popular Games of 2021
Popular Games of 2021

The development of games that exist in the world is like a technology that is constantly increasing and changing. Even though you have to stay at home, at least the game is a savior to get rid of boredom. Then what are the games that were popular in 2001?

So that it allows the players to be able to make choices 1 among 6 classes. While each class has 12 skill tricks.– To know more you can seed2r hammerdin build.

List of Popular Games of 2021

As a game lover, of course it won’t be complete if you don’t enjoy the viral games that are popular in 2021. To find out what are the most popular games in the new year, please check here:

1. Diablo Immortal

This game, which was successfully developed by Blizzard Entertainment, asks players to explore and fight up to 9 regions at the same time. There are several challenges for players who play this Diablo Immortal game.

One of them is to find other creatures that were not in the previous Diablo game. Diablo is not a new game in 2021. However, Blizzard Entertainment has presented its newest version of Diablo Immortal in 2021.

In this game, there is a story that is taken between the events that happened in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. So that it allows the players to be able to make choices 1 among 6 classes. While each class has 12 skill tricks.

2. Deathloop game

This game has a very unique premise and is different from other games. The player is required to play the character as an assassin.

His job is to kill the target in a party as many as 8 people on a remote island. It turned out that the party was only in 5 loops like the film Groundhog Day.

So that only the killer can find out. Meanwhile, players will only enter a new day by bringing in more information. This information contains about the behavior and movements of the target killer.

But unfortunately this game cannot be played in January. The reason is because the developer, Bethesda, will release this Deathloop game via PlayStation 5 on May 21, 2021.

3. Apex Legends

As a popular game in 2021, COE developer Andre Wilson launched this Battle Royale game and is available on consoles and PCs. But take it easy, because the developer will also add mobile platforms and Nintendo switches this year.

This game has a concept as a battle royale game. Apex is different from other online games because it has unique looks and abilities. There are several roles that can be played, such as defense, attack, scout, support and others.

4. Garden Story

The appearance of this popular game in 2021 has a premise and adorable character design. Players can play the character Concord, which is a wine that has a funny shape.

Concord was used as an option to build a village. Players can take Concord on an adventure, make new friends, fight a criminal named Rot, create new items, and more.

Garden story is indeed a new game in 2021, but there is no need to question the number of players, because the number is already very large. Are you curious about the gameplay? Please download via Google PlayStore

5. H1Z1

When viewed in terms of appearance, this game has similarities to the PUBG mobile and Fortnite games. This H1Z1 gameplay has as many as 150 players and can jump simultaneously from the plane.

After that, look for ammunition, weapons, and other supplies when they reach the mainland. There are various types of vehicles available to make it easier for players of this popular 2021 game when they want to move places.

This is also the same as the Pubg mobile game because players can play together with a team of 4 or play Solo.

Even though the presence of H1Z1 is not as popular as the Pubg mobile game, it turns out that the newest game in 2021 already has millions of players. Whether it’s via PC or via PS4.

6. Hitman 3

Through the Hitman 3 game, players can be introduced to new environments. Especially for players who are planning or carrying out complex assassinations.

The murder was carried out in the middle of the story of Agent 47 and is classified as still mysterious.
Hitman 3 is indeed included in the list of new games in 2021.

But the gameplay is also very fun and unique. Hitman 3 requires players to import all levels from previous Hitman games.

In addition, the developer also provides support for virtual reality. This new game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, stadia, PC, mobile or others.

7. Game Stray

If you are a cat animal lover, then you must play this Stray game. When else can you play the cat game as the main character?

This game is made by Annapurna with a futuristic cyberfunk design. Later you will play together as cats looking for their way back home.

While the cat lives in a future city area that is already filled with robots. In 2021, get ready to enjoy the excitement of the popular 2021 game.

8. The Medium

This game, which has a psychological horror genre, can be played using a third person perspective, namely as Mariana.

This game from Bloober Team asks players to take a trip to the spirit realm. The goal is to inhabit the 2nd world and solve a puzzle.

In order to fight against the enemy’s power, the player must have good psychological abilities.

In addition, it also has to recharge by interacting at energy points. In this game, energy points are referred to as spirit wells.

9. Cyber ​​Shadow

Cyber ​​Shadow has an action genre, successfully developed by Mechanical Studios and has been published by Yacht Club Games. The first time this game was exhibited through Pax East in 2019.

However, along with the development of the game, Cyber ​​Shadow was also raised by Aarne Hunziker. The player must control the ninja character who will fight with the enemy.

In January 2021, gamers can enjoy this game via the Xbox One ceiling, Playstation, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo switches.

But unfortunately this game is not yet available on mobile devices. But take it easy, over time it will develop to Android.

Entering the new year 2021, game developers are trying to schedule the release of the latest and popular games.

The goal is certain so that players who are bored with 2019 games can enjoy the popular 2021 games. But unfortunately, not all of the popular 2001 games can be played with any gadget.

For that you have to find out what gadgets are able to provide support for the latest games.

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