5 Best Offline Android Games Of All Time

Do you think Alto’s Odyssey is still on the list of the best offline Android games of all time? If you are looking for a game recommendation that can be played without an internet connection, see the description below.

5 Best Offline Android Games of All Time

Yes, if you pay attention, the game titleAlto’s Odyssey isdefinitely on the list of the best offline games. Thisendless runnerplatform game developed by Team Alto studio deserves to be called one of the best. You see, it offers exciting and fun gameplay even if played without an internet connection.

Just like technology, games are always evolving. Every year, there are always new titles that get attention. And there are always new titles ready to challenge the first place in the list of the best offline Android games of all time.

For example, there are several online games that have been gaining popularity over the past few months, right? However, these games can only be played if you only have an internet connection.

5 Best Offline Android Games of All Time

Well, this time we collected and tried various Android offline games directly to find out what game titles you must play right now. The following is the description.

Shadow Fight 2

This is the game that brings fighting games from Facebook to your cellphone. Developed by Nekky studio, this offline Android game was launched in 2014 for Android and iOS.

The graphics of the second series from theShadow Fight universe are not much different from the previous series. Both the main character and the opponent are shown in the form of a shadowy silhouette. And at the beginning of the game, you will play a character without weapons and limited abilities.

As the levels increase, the more difficult the enemies to face. Well, you can really buy certain weapons and abilities that are provided in the shop. It’s just that, you have to pay in real currency.

What makes this game still challenging until now is the character’s movements that feel realistic and the difficulty level is quite high. So, if you are curious and need a challenge, try downloading the best offline Android game of all time.

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GT Racing 2

If you are a fan of racing games, then a game calledGT Racing 2: The Real Car Experienceis the right choice. A wide selection of racing cars that can be modified, the excitement of each challenge and task given, and the option to beat friends in online mode.

These are the things you will get if you have downloaded theGT Racing 2 game. If you want to increase the challenge, you can really change your view, from a third party’s point of view to a first party’s point of view.

Even though you can fight friends in Online Mode, this game developed by Gameloft SE also provides an offline mode. This means you can play without an internet connection!

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Shadow Blade Zero

Once you download and play theShadow Blade Zerogame, Ninja Kuro will become one of your favorite characters. Yes, nothing could stop him on his way to find the teacher to deliver an important message.

That is the task that you will have to complete later. Using plaformer gameplay, you are asked to control Kuro avoiding obstacles and challenges. Whether it’s jumping,sliding, or slashing every enemy that gets in your way!

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Crossy Road

Don’t rush into prejudice just because you see the classic graphics of the gameCrossy Road. If you have tried playing, you will feel how addictive this game is. It’s hard to stop!

Luckily, the gameplay that ensures that you will be far from boredom from theCrossy Roadgame can be played for free. As a result, for those of you who need a simple but funcellphonegame, downloadCrossy Roaddirectly on yourcellphone.

Just a simple game story. You are only asked to move the chicken that wants to cross the highway. Yes, just press the motion button, avoid every car that wants to crash, and bring the chicken across.

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Plants vs Zombies 2

The namePlants vs Zombies iscertainly no stranger to Android offline game enthusiasts. Departing from the PC game, the Electronic Arts studio also launched a mobile version of this offline game. And as expected,Plants vs Zombiesimmediately exploded on the market.

Well, one of the best series that you must play isPlants vs Zombies 2. Compared to the previous series, you can find more zombies and plant variants in this series.

If you are bored playingSingle Player mode, you can really play online mode. Yes, you can fight friends and complete various tasks simultaneously. Not only that, but you will also be invited to fight against zombies in 11 different worlds. As a result, there were more challenges and a longer story.

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So, those are some recommendations for the best offline Android games of all time. Have you played any of the game titles above? Try to share your opinion via the comment section below.

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