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Wattpad is the app designed for those who love to read and write. You want to post your story or read those of others. Here’s how it works. The writing is a way to express themselves, to communicate, to process: there are many people who have this passion and love to make up stories and short stories.

Wattpad | The Social Network of Desks

Fortunately, it is much easier today to share your works with other people. You can use a blog, social networks and even applications specially designed for those who love to write. Among the latter, Wattpad stands out.

We are talking about the most famous social fiction app of the moment, which is often used by literary agents and publishing houses to find new talents. It is an interesting springboard for writers of all ages, also because it is frequented by fervent readers who can’t wait to get passionate about the next plot.

On the other hand, several literary cases were born here: like the “After” series created by the writer Anna Todd. The service is completely free and it is very easy to use, also because all the contents are organized by genre.

Inside it is possible to find real novels, perhaps divided into episodes, but also short stories, ideal for entertaining oneself during a train journey or a short stop in the waiting room. In short,Wattpadwill become the favorite channel for many budding writers and avid readers. Here’s how it works.

Wattpad: the characteristics of the social narrative

Launched in 2006, in a few years it has become the reference point for readers and lovers of writing. The idea was to offer both categories the opportunity to have a safe place to cultivate their passion.

Wattpad today is a social rich in content suitable for every taste and has a global community of 80 million users united by the love for fiction. Over the years it has also earnedseveral awards.

For example, in 2016 he received the “Innovator of the Year” award from the Canadian Innovation Exchange. It is a prestigious award in the digital world because it is awarded annually to the most deserving Canadian projects.

But what is its success due to? In addition to responding to a specific need, it is really easy to use on both the writer and reader side. Let’s see how it works.

How Wattpad works

Wattpadcan be used both through the app available foriOSandAndroid, and through the web version. The service is free in both cases.

Its functions make it in all respects comparable to asocial network, in fact it allows users to interact, create groups or comment on content. The authorship of the works is protected, this represents a guarantee for anyone who wants to share their story.

How Wattpad works on PC

Do you want to use the service? First you need to register onthe website. It is also possible to sign up using theGoogleorFacebook logins.

After logging in, you will be greeted by a page that recommends writers and stories of the moment; you can start following particular authors or enrich your personal profile.

In addition to inserting a profile photo, you can add information about the location, any website or blog, as well as a brief description.

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