Why Can’t I Watch Videos on Facebook?

Watching videos on Facebookis one of the favorite activities of most users. For a few years now, Facebook has allowed its users to upload videos, as well as photos, as it was originally.

Why Can't I Watch videos on Facebook?
Why Can’t I Watch videos on Facebook?

Why Can’t I Watch Videos on Facebook?

Videos have become so popular that it is now morecommon to see videos on the home page than photos, incredibly. Even entertainment sites prefer to upload more videos than photos.

Even commercials make use of videos, most of all, to promote their products. In case you can’t watch videos on Facebook for some reason or another, this article is to fix that problem, as we will teach you in a practical waywhy you can’t watch videos on Facebook.

Solution to the problem of not being able to see Facebook videos

The reasons why it is not possible to view videos on Facebook are various. We have found the four most common and the solutions to solve it. These can be the following:

Browser problems

Most of the time, the reason why you can’t watch videos on Facebook is due to browser issues. Many times, it is due to lack of updating. Therefore, one of the best solutions to the problem is usually to update the browser.

Also, closing the browser and reopening it is a feasible solution, as it may be a browser malfunction, and it is fixed simply by closing and opening the browser. Reloading the current page is also a good option in this case.

Clear browser cache

Thecache memorycan also influence the malfunction of Facebook videos, since these elements can slow down the performance of the browser in general, not only on Facebook, and cause plugins that take care of the playback of videos and other media to fail, like Adobe Flash Player.

To get rid of this problem, you need toclear your browser’s cache, which includescacheddata, files, and images. How to do this? We indicate below:

  1. You must enterConfiguration
  2. Then, you must select ”Clear browsing data”. This will delete history, cookies, content licenses, etc., including cached files and images.

Hide protected files

If the problem persists, you must take additional measures. Next, you can implement another procedure (although it is forWindows 7, it works for all operating systems from there on: 8, 8.1 and 10):

  1. Go toMy ComputerorMy Computer
  2. Click theOrganizeoption> Folder Options
  3. Then, click on the tab titledView
  4. Then tapShow hidden files and folders
  5. This step is important: uncheckHide file extensions for unknown file types. Also uncheckHide protected operating system files
  6. To save the changes, selectApply, thenOK

Check your mobile data plan or Wi-Fi network

Sometimes it may be due to the fact that we have a very basic data plan when the phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network so that the available megabytes is not enough to cover the playback of videos.

In the same way, it is convenient to check the Wi-Fi connection by restarting the modem if necessary and checking the DNS configuration, always bearing in mind that the numbering must be:preferred DNS andalternative DNS To make this change you must access the router configuration.

Put the tips above into practice so that you can enjoyFacebook videosright away, without any hassle. For many people, this process has fixed the problem, and the problem ends there.

Although the failure usually ends when performing the previously mentioned actions in the browsers, sometimes it will be necessary to takeother measures, such as contactingFacebook customer service. This is almost never necessary, but it is likely a problem with the Facebook servers.

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