World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Review

We are here with the World of Warcraft Shadowlands review. With this review we have prepared for you, we take a closer look at the Shadowlands additional package and talk about what kind of experience it offers.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Review

World of Warcraft Shadowlands begins with the fight between the Horde and the Alliance. After remembering the events that happened at the end of the Battle for Azeroth war, we enter the story of the game.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Review

If we talk about the story of Shadowlands, Sylvanas Windrunner goes to the Icecrown Citadel right after leaving the Horde behind and struggles with Bolvar Fordragon. Windrunner, who uses the secret powers he has acquired for a while, manages to defeat Bolvar.

Windrunner, who defeats Bolvar, takes the Helm of Domination from Bolvar’s head and shatters the helmet, the link between the world and the afterlife. Shadowlands’ main story begins at this point.

After the helmet is broken, a series of events are set in motion that threaten to upset the cosmic balance between life and death. After a series of events, we pass through a portal opened with a group called Death Knight. This portal takes us to The Maw, a land where no mortal should set foot.

As soon as you set foot on The Maw, some members of the Death Knight are quickly stopped. But somehow we manage to find Thrall and Jaina. In this way, we meet the Jailer, the leader of The Maw.

Later, thanks to the heroes we came to the rescue, we pass a new passage and reach Oribos, which is considered to be the main center of Shadowlands. Here we are being judged by Arbiter and sent to different lands. After falling into The Maw after a series of gripping events, we are the first to be included in the game.

If we evaluate the story of the game, I can say that Blizzard has done a great job in this part. Hosting a more immersive story compared to the previous additional package, Shadowlands offers players a very entertaining experience, especially with its wonderful cinematics.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Review – What Does It Offer?

After spending hours in the vast world of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, I finally managed to reach the final level.
In addition, after completing the main story and some content, I started to spend time on The Maw.

In this part, I have to mention that you can level up very quickly after keeping up with a certain tempo in the game. In this section, we observe that Blizzard made some radical decisions, especially in leveling up.

Apart from all these, the game’s eighth big expansion pack comes with four different main regions and an endgame area. You can easily increase your level through these four different main regions in the game. I can say that Blizzard thinks and eliminates very carefully in map design in this part.

Of course, Blizzard isn’t just about map design. The producer company, which makes the best distribution of enemies on the maps, manages to offer a very high quality experience in this aspect.

Speaking of the game’s maps, it greets us in a city called Oribos, which is considered the center of Shadowlands. In this very large city, you can visit different points and participate in many activities. Of course, let me state that this also applies to all maps in the game.

After the city of Oribos, we see The Maw as the endgame area. As you know, Bllizzard postponed the release date of the Shadowlands expansion pack because of this map.

The Maw, one of the most important parts of the game, hosts a completely different atmosphere both with its difficulty and its atmosphere. The missions and enemies on this map are really difficult as Blizzard mentioned.

Four Different Covenant Players Are Offered

Continuing on its way with each expansion pack, Blizzard offers four different Covenants to players in Shadowlands. These Covenants are listed as Kyrian of Bastion, Night Fae of Ardenweald, Venthry of Revendreth and Necrolords of Maldraxxus.

The producer company, which introduced us to three different characters thanks to Covenants, also allows us to get the special talents of these characters. In this way, we can raise the power of our character to even higher levels.

The producer company, which adds a different atmosphere to the game with Covenants, offers players special abilities, a special armor set and a special mount for the selected Covenant. This provides some cosmic advantages to the players.

You have to be closer to one of these Covenants we mentioned. We can unlock different talents and features every time you get close to the party you choose.

In addition, the Soulbind system, where you can gain extra features when you connect your soul in the game, is also offered to the players. Thus, you can further increase the strength of your character in the content of the end game.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Review – Conclusion

In general, if I evaluate World of Warcraft Shadowlands, I can say that the new expansion pack of the game offers a very good experience.

In addition, the acceleration of the leveling system offers the players a fluent experience and allows them to have fun. As we mentioned in our review, Shadowlands also stands out with its visual content. In this part, the producer firm, which scrutinizes and scrutinizes the map designs, offers a visual feast to the players.

As for the missions, as you know, players who played with more than one character in previous packs had to play the same story missions over and over again. This situation caused us to get colder from the game over time.

In the eighth expansion pack of the game, Blizzard evaluated the feedback from the players and addressed this problem. In this section, we see that the players who completed the main story of the game and chose Covenant prevented them from choosing the same Covenant as the other characters they developed.

This means that players who develop more than one character at the same time do not play the same missions over and over again.

In short, we can say that Blizzard, which disappointed the players with Battle for Azeroth, achieved a very successful job with the new additional package. If you are looking for a different MMORPG game, we strongly recommend you to experience World of Warcraft Shadowlands in this section.

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