Amazon Fire | How Does It Work

Have you bought the Amazon Fire Tablet? They are cheap and also work well. However, preparing them in the best way and personalizing them can be complicated. So let’s see what we can do with our Amazon Kindle Fire and understand what utility it has in the right hands!

Amazon Fire | How does It Work
Amazon Fire | How does It Work

Amazon Fire | How does It Work

We eliminate advertising. Here’s the good news: If you’ve purchased a Fire with integrated advertising, you have the option to remove it. Here’s the bad news: you currently have to pay a small price.

This, of course, if you do not want to modify and thus void the warranty of the device. You can make the decision to stop advertising on your devices page here.

  • Click on the section dedicated to subscribe to advertising, eliminate it with a small purchase, and restart your Fire.
  • Disable anything you deem useless on Amazon’s part. You can do this easily, even if it is a rather “closed” tablet from Amazon.
  • Just go to settings and then to Apps. Inside you will find a section dedicated to the various programs installed by Amazon on your Fire.
  • Choose the ones you want to deactivate and confirm.

How come turning off the apps we don’t want is useful? It reduces the space consumed inside the device and eliminates the use of RAM and CPU, limiting the drop in performance and increasing the battery life. In short, all we can find in doing all this are only advantages!

Equip yourself with a good SD card. Clearly, given their low cost, the various Fires do not have a particularly developed internal memory.

However, you can reduce the various problems of available space with a good SD card. As it happens, Amazon has implemented an automatic tool for installing Apps directly into the SD card, with the addition of content such as films and other digital material.

Therefore, once you have taken an SD card, go to the settings related to your memory and set it as the new installation destination for Apps that support this function.

Adjust persistent notifications well. Again, if you’ve got a Fire Tablet with built-in ads, there will also be some pretty annoying notifications (which often don’t go away even if you pay separately). Fortunately, you can delete those too, and without paying anything!

The next time you see a notification, hold your finger down on it. You will see an icon with an “i” on the right. Press on it. You will be taken to information on the App responsible for those notifications. Uncheck “Show notifications” and you are perfectly fine.

Now let’s think about what we can do to get the best out of our Fire:

Install the Google Play Store. The Fire comes with its own Store, Google’s is excluded. However, we can safely install it! First, enable installation from unknown sources in the settings (Find everything under Security). So, download these APKs to your Fire (or PC first, then pass it to Fire):

Remember to install these APKs in the same order. That is: Account Manager, Services Framework, Play Services and Play Store.

Once everything is installed, restart the Fire, wait a bit and start the Play Store. Normally it won’t work immediately the first time: it needs to update its files. As such, take some patience.

Now you are ready to install everything that is wonderful about the world of Android! But you can also do something more …

Change Launcher. This will greatly help your Fire’s performance. Unfortunately it’s not exactly like installing a Launcher from the Store, you need to make some changes first.

  • Start by entering the Play Store and installing any Launcher you want. Among the best are Nova, Arrow or Action.
  • Then download this APK and install it.
  • Finally, go into the settings and accessibility.
  • Enable the function that recognizes pressing the Home button.
  • Then press the Home button: if everything went well, you will have the desired Launcher in your Fire!

Finally, don’t forget that your Tablet has many uses, now available through the Play Store. It can work as a watch and can be a good gaming device. By consulting a good list of the best games and programs you will certainly be able to get an idea!

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